Rebar Caps

Made of engineered high-impact plastic, these discs comply with OSHA 701(b) as an approved impalement protection device. 4" x 4" flat top surface area aids in protection. No exposed steel parts. Packaged 25 per box.

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Round OSHA Rebar Caps

Round OSHA rebar caps are made of space age high density polymer with steel reinforcement to protect against impalement injuries. These high quality caps fit rebar #4-#8. Meets new OSHA Requirement 344.90. 100 per box.

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Pro-tect Cap™

Pro-tect Cap™ impalement-protection device is designed to reduce the risk of serious injury due to a fall. Durable, reusable and lightweight. Quick and easy to install. Safety orange color for increased visibility. For use with standard size 3” x 3” x 3/8” OSHA post.

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Carnie™ Caps

The Carnie Cap is a unique system designed to protect workers and reduce risk of on the job accidents due to protruding reinforcing steel onto which workers could fall. When used and installed properly with 2" x 4" or 2"x 6" lumber, nails and mounted on rebar, it forms a complete and safe system that complies with OSHA regulations for impalement protection. Carnie Cap requires only two caps for every 8 feet of rebar. Not having to cap each piece of rebar along with the reusability of each cap means significant material and labor savings, thus the benefits of using the Carnie™ Cap System.

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BarGard® Protective Caps

Bright green caps slip easily onto rods rebar, pipe-A ends and stems for easy visibility and protection. Made from polyethylene, they are rugged and weather resistant.

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