Basket Type Stretcher

Made of steel, all welded construction does not rely on the injured person to attain form or rigidity. Light weight and ample in size. Comes with nylon web straps at chest, abdomen, thigh and calf. Footrests are adjustable for vertical lifting. Frame is made of 5/8" steel tubing; cross braces and runners are made of 3/16" x 3/4" flat steel. Basket is 1/8" hexagon shaped mesh netting. Designed to accommodate most standard 16" x 72" backboards. The Bridal Sling (sold separately) is made of 1" nylon webbing, is resistant to moisture and fungus rot, and comes with forged snap hooks and a 3" ID forged suspension ring. Stretcher dimensions: 22 1/2" (W) x 80 1/2" (L) x 8" (H).

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