Manila Rope

Pure #1 grade manila rope, also called “hemp” rope. High tensile strength. Lubricated and waterproofed. Rot and mildew resistant. Meets Government Specification TR-605B, Class I.

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Polypropylene Rope

Almost twice as strong as manila rope. Lightest weight rope available. Highly flexible, with minimum stretch and good impact loading, abrasion, and chemical resistance. Rot resistant. Packaged on sturdy wood reel. Bright yellow color.

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Nylon Rope

2 1/2 times stronger than manila rope. Has superior shock absorbency, and excellent rot and mildew as well as abrasion resistance.

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Cotton Mason Line

Manufactured from high grade yarn. Use for chalk line and mason line. Ball wrapped individually. 96 rolls per case.

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Nylon Mason Line

Twisted 100% nylon twine provides more abrasion resistance and less stretch than cotton mason line. Packaged in a tube. Available in a natural color, gold, or pink.

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Braided Nylon Mason Line

Made from 100% high tenacity filament nylon with an average tensile strength of 120 lbs. Preferred as a quality chalk line in masonry work. Will not unravel as easily as twisted nylon mason line when cut. Available in white or gold.

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Samson Spot Cord

Braided rope with a high grade cotton cover and nylon reinforced core for extra strength and durability. Stronger than manila and many other synthetic ropes.

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Pulling Rope

Double braided composite rope designed for use with high force cable pullers. Double braided inner core with an extra double braided outer jacket for added strength and minimal stretch. White with green tracer. Rot and mildew resistant. Packed on sturdy wooden reel.

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