Meets OSHA requirements. Master Safety Lockout Systems guard work teams against accidents, help prevent work spoilage and equipment damage, protect against injury and loss. Each worker servicing a hazardous machine or process locks the control or valve by adding his or her personal padlock to the Safety Lockout. The control will then remain inoperable until all locks are removed. Colored bumpers allow coding padlocks by work team or department. Brass I.D. tags provide individual padlock identification.


Safety Lockout

Vinyl-coated high tensile steel. Plated to resist rust. Accepts six padlocks up to 3/8" shackle diameter. Packed 12 per box.

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Circuit Breaker Lockout

Secure and simple mounting for a solid lock-out. Grips tight with simple thumb turn and clamping handle. Narrow profile permits side by side breaker lockout. Accepts Master Lock® and American Lock® safety padlock shackle and lockout hasp diameters. Durable construction with powder coated steel and reinforced polymer allows operation in harsh environments. For standard height and tie-bar toggles. Model 493B.

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Grip Tight™ Circuit Breaker Lockout

Fits wide or tall breaker toggles typically found on hi-voltage / hi-amperage breakers. Great strength with universal fit. Grip Tight™ design effectively locks out circuit breakers. Accepts all American Lock and Master Lock safety padlock shackles and lockout hasp diameters. Powder coated steel for use in harsh enviroments.

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Grip Tight™ Plus Circuit Breaker Lockout Device

Fits Oversized Handle Circuit Breakers (480/600 V). Its lightweight, one-piece design easily and consistently installs without use of tools. The stainless steel thumbscrew and curved blade provide a tight grip on the circuit breaker handle so device remains secure. A fold-down cleat provides enhanced switch throw blocking when needed. Compatible with a wide variety of circuit breaker handle shapes and sizes.

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Color Coded #3 Padlocks

Laminated steel, pin tumbler lock. Double locking, case hardened steel shackle. Colored bumper provides easy visual identification by department or work team. Two brass keys included. Packaged 6 per box. Keyed differently.

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Lightweight Xenoy® Padlocks

Brightly colored for extreme durability and easy identification. Special trilingual “safety lock-out” markings and labels. Xenoy® body is non-conductive. Has a restricted safety lockout 6-pin tumbler cylinder for greater security. Key retaining feature insures that padlock is not left unlocked. Color: Red. All padlocks are keyed different.

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Aluminum Safety Padlocks

Brightly colored for easy identification. 1-1/2" wide aluminum body. Hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance. 5 pin tumbler cylinder for added security. Color: Red. All padlocks are keyed different.

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Red Zenex™ Thermoplastic Safety Padlock

The Master Lock No. 411RED Zenex™ Thermoplastic Safety padlock features a 1-1/2” wide, 3” tall thermoplastic red body and a 1-1/2” tall metal shackle. Designed specifically for safety lockout/tagout applications, padlock is key retaining to ensure that padlock is not left unlocked and the high-security reserved for safety 6-pin tumbler cylinder complies with the "one employee, one lock, one key" directive.

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Identification Tags & Mounting Collars

Solid brass identification tags allow instant identification of assigned padlock user. Designed to withstand rugged work environments. Identification can be inscribed, stamped or painted on. Packaged 12 per box.

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Adjustable Cable Lockout

Infinitely adjustable for a secure fit every time. Integrated, single-piece safety hasp and cable for ease-of-use. Simply feed the cable end through the points to be locked out, then back through the lockout body. Cinch it tight to remove any slack with the patented locking feature. Ideal for both multiple circuit breaker panel and side-by-side gate valve lockouts. Tough, multi-stranded 5/32" (4 mm) diameter steel cable is insulated with a clear vinyl coating, and flexible to pass through virtually all lockout points. Tough, lightweight, dielectric Xenoy® thermoplastic body withstands chemicals; performs effectively in extreme conditions. Up to 4 workers can apply their personal safety locks. Red lockout color identifies the safety lockout application. Complete with high-visibility permanent safety labels (Eng., Fr.& Sp.) that can be written on to identify the responsible person, then erased for the next job.

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Retractable Cable Lockout Device With Steel Core Cable

Patented 1/8” (3.3mm) diameter x 9’ (2.74m) cable features a red plastic coating for added durability and visibility. Cable reel acts as Cable Management System to allow for easier application and protected storage of the cable.  Tough, lightweight thermoplastic body withstands chemicals. Suitable for group or multi-point lockout.

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Rotating Electrical Plug Lockouts

Outward / Inward rotation allows for easier installation and storage. Surrounds the electrical plug; protects against accidental reconnection. Unique outward rotation allows for easier installation in confined space applications. Each size rotates into itself to fit effectively into safety tool boxes. The Model 487 nests within the Model 488 to save space in storage. Red lockout color identifies the safety lockout application. Complete with high-visibility permanent safety labels (Eng., Fr. & Sp.) that can be written on Model 488 to identify the responsible person, then erased for the next job. Tough, lightweight, dielectric Xenoy® thermoplastic bodies withstand chemicals; perform effectively in extreme conditions (temperature range -50°F to +350°F).

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Ball Valve Lockouts

Single-piece design is easy to apply. Assures the best fit every time. Fits all major brands of ball valves. Two sizes fit the majority of applications. Forms a triangular wedge to the pipe so that the handle cannot be turned open, when properly applied. Complete the lockout with Master Lock safety padlock. Red lockout color identifies the safety lockout application.

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Adjustable Ball Valve Lockout

Easy to use lockout device prevents accidental activation of a closed ball valve.  Adjustable design fits 1/2” (13mm) to 2” (51mm) valves.  Durable, lightweight thermoplastic material is chemical resistant and performs effectively in extreme environments.  Four locking holes to accept all Master Lock and American Lock safety padlocks.

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Lockout Tags Cardstock - Danger, Do Not Operate

5-3/4" Cardstock.  25 per pack.

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Universal Wall Switch Lockout

Locks out both toggle and Decora paddle wall switches. Patent-pending design assures switch is locked on or off. Hinges open for unobstructed normal operation of switch. Model 496B.

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Personal Lockout Kit

The Master Lock Personal Lockout Kit, Electrical, features an upgraded safety lockout toolbox to keep important lockout devices and padlocks together. Kit includes three Master Lock No. 410KARED keyed alike Zenex™ Thermoplastic padlocks and electrical focused high-use products such as cable lockout, circuit breaker lockout and Grip Tight™ ball valve lockout devices. Ideal for individual workers, padlocks are supplied keyed alike for added worker convenience.

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Group Lock Box

Captured key storage device for effective lockout of large equipment. Effective alternative to requiring each authorized lockout team member to place one of their personal safety locks at every lockout point in the system. The Group Lock Box allows for each lockout point to be secured with just one designated lock. The accompanying keys are then captured by placing them in the Group Lock Box. Each authorized employee locks just one personal safety lock onto the box. Up to 12 workers can apply their personal safety locks. Heavy duty steel construction. Red lockout color identifies the safety lockout application.

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Group Lock Box with Wall Mounting Bracket

Group Lock Box with Wall Mounting Bracket helps facilities manage the placement and movement of group lock boxes to protect people. The S3650 can be used wherever it's needed – mount the box using the bracket for routine, daily use; take it portable for remote lockouts; or move to a bracket in another area for large turnarounds. Secure the box to the bracket with the optional locking feature and prevent unwanted box removal from the wall. Easily monitor the status of group lockout at a glance with product features like the rewritable tags and clear, impact-resistant window. Despite its small size, this box has an internal capacity of 15 safety padlocks, allowing for greater protected padlock storage.

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Portable Group Lock Box With Key Window

430-grade stainless steel construction maximizes corrosion resistance.  Clear, impact-resistant window provides key visibility.  18 numbered lockout holes for easy identification.

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