C-Clamp System

The C-Clamp System has the added versatility of clamping both vertically and horizontally allowing it to be fastened to either a parapet wall or a concrete slab. The clamp expands from7” to 12” and can be installed eight feet apart. Also works on wood and brick structures. Easy to install and remove. Includes one post and one c-clamp.

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Safety Boot™ Railing System

Reusable base for constructing free-standing, temporary guard-rails and stairrails that meet OSHA standards. Patented Safety Boots allow you to quickly and cheaply create sturdy railing systems for any configuration of stairway, ramp, walkway, balcony and/or roof. Safety Boots anchor securely into sub-flooring and remain in place throughout construction, including drywall. One-piece construction of durable, high-impact polymer installs easily in OSB, wood or concrete and requires no bracing. Utilizes jobsite 2x4's and standard fasteners. Installation instructions in English and Spanish. One-year replacement guarantee. Color: Safety Yellow.

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VersiShield® Guardrail System

Allows erection of OSHA compliant guardrail systems on open edge concrete structures or wood stairs without drilling. VersiShield® has a unique clamping device that swivels into place at odd angles while locking securely onto the building structure. The system easily adjusts with the simple lift of a ring and tightens securely with one tension bolt. For use on deck and stair thickness up to 15".

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Stringershield™ Guardrail System

Stringershield™ is designed to allow contractors to stay in compliance with OSHA"s guardrail regulations when guarding unprotected stringer stairs or pan stairs.  The guardrail system easily clips into the unprotected edge of the stringer channel with no drilling.  The Stringershield unique design is easily adjustable and fits various sizes of stringers.  Construction grade lumber can be utilized to construct the top and mid rail.  2x4 holders allow for simple installation and the system easily removes and is reusable.

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Concrete Slab Grabber

This is an ideal solution for installing guardrails during concrete decking operations. Fast and easy to set up, the Slab Grabber can be used with 2 x 4's, 2 x 6's or cable for rails. Fully adjustable; adjusts up to a 36" thick slab. Designed to withstand rugged jobsite conditions, this system is cost effective and reusable. Meets and exceeds OSHA standards. Max spacing between each grabber is 8' apart.

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