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Werner Steel 6' Baker Rolling Scaffold Complete

The locking casters swivel for convenient 360-degree mobility. Unique design protects the locking pins to prevent accidental unlocking or release. Deck pins secure plywood to scaffold frame. Platform height is adjustable in 2 inch increments for unique working heights and uneven surfaces such as a stairwell. Sections stack easily when casters are removed (2 section maximum). Easy one-person assembly. 1000lb load capacity.

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Step-Up Work Stand

Available in either a 4’ or 6’ model.  Two 14 gauge steel platforms.  Four 5” all brake casters.  Works as a mini-scaffold, workbench or material cart.  Folds flat for easy storage and transport.

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Colony Economy Scaffolding

Designed to roll through standard commercial doors without the need to dismantle them. This narrow-width feature also allows Colony Scaffolds to roll down narrow hallways and set up in confined work spaces. The unique truss and positive engagement locking system allows them to be erected on stairways and span over large objects on the floor. Platforms made from 3/4" plywood with a steel frame, and adjusts in 2” increments. Adjustable in 2” increments from 2’ to 6’. Casters are 5” double locking. The steel has a powder coated yellow painted finish. Unit is easily set up by one person. Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards. Load capacity: 1,000 lbs. Item shown with optional accessories.


Complete Unit Consists of:

14-1748 (1) Base Unit Only (6' H x 6' L Rolling Scaffold)

14-1749 (1) 6' Guardrail Kit

14-1753 (1) Upper Deck Unit

14-1754 (1) Outrigger set with four casters

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Nu-Wave Scaffold Systems

Nu-Wave scaffold roll through standard commercial doorways without dismantling.  One person can assemble without tools and adjust platform height in 4” increments in a matter of seconds.  Holes on both sides of the end frame aid in ease of assembly.  Solid steel stack pins secure stacked units.  5” Casters feature a unique expansion ring; no ring required to secure caster.  Casters roll easily, are heavy duty and have a dual locking mechanism.  Meets OSHA and ANSI requirements.  Load capacity 1,000 lbs.  Units may be stacked to a maximum of 18 ft when a set of (4) outriggers and a guardrail kit with toeboards are installed.  29-1/2” wide end frame access ladders, provide a safe access to work platforms.

Complete unit consists of:

(1) 69 ½” Ladder, Platform and trusses

(1) Guardrail Kit

(1) 20” Outrigger

(8) 5” locking casters

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Power Snappy Motorized Work Platform

The Power Snappy can easily be transported in a small SUV or pickup.  The M Model is light enough and small enough to be transported by two people.  Can move from floor to floor on multi-story buildings, even when no elevator is available, something impossible for a scissor lift to do.  Manpower productivity is enhanced over stepladders and standard scaffold in many cases, by reducing the time wasted moving devices and climbing up and down.  Platform with guardrails give workers a safe working area over ladders and has the same footprint area as a standard 10′ ladder.  Being electric powered means it’s environmentally friendly, no emissions and virtually no noise therefore able to work indoor or out.  Includes: cord extension, outrigger base, extra skid bars, cross braces.  Deck capacity 500 lbs

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Climb-N-Go Motorized System For Baker Type Scaffold

Designed to increase worker efficiency by eliminating the need to get off the scaffold to move it. Equipped with a powerful electric motor, it is propelled by the energy of an 18 to 21 volts battery from one of the six largest brands in the industry. Its wheels are installed on the bottom of the scaffolding and the joystick control on the guardrail or directly on a rung. With the Climb-N-Go, you will be able to move around your work site at height in a safe way. Compatible with all Metaltech Baker types scaffolding. Lighter and more compact than a scissor lift, and does not need a freight elevator to be moved around the job site. Complies with CSA S269.2-16 and OSHA standards 1926.452(W)

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