SDS Max Rotary Hammer Selection Guide Guide

Item Manufacturer Model Capacity Solid Bit Capacity Core Bit Amps RPM BPM Weight (lbs.) Length
11-9074 Bosch 11240 1 9/16" 4" 10.0 400 3,000 13.2 18"
10-1130 Bosch 11264EVS 1 5/8" 4-1/8" 13.0 170-340 1,700-2,900 14.3 17.25"
10-1131 Bosch 11263EVS 1 3/4" 6" 13.5 145-280 1,350-2,800 17.9 21.0"
10-1101 Bosch 11245EVS 2" 6" 14.0 120-250 1,100-2,500 24.5 23 1/2"
10-3066 Metabo KHE56 1 3/4" 4" 14 0-450 0-2,840 17.75 18"
10-1274 DeWalt D255501K 1-9/16" 4" 12 490 3300 13.55 18.6"
10-1299 DeWalt D25602K 1-3/4" 4" 13.5 210 - 415 1,430 - 2,840 15.1 18.6"


Milwaukee 1-9/16" SDS Max Rotary Hammer

The 1-9/16” SDS-Max Rotary Hammer offers a heavy-duty 5.5 ft-lbs of impact energy for solid performance, even when drilling in hard aggregate. Constant Power Technology ensures consistent drilling power for the toughest applications. A 12-position chipping adjustment lets you maintain the optimum hammer position while chipping in any orientation. A mechanical clutch protects the motor when the bit binds, and two-mode operation offers maximum versatility regardless of the application. Includes: side handle and carrying case.

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Milwaukee 1-3/4" SDS MAX Rotary Hammer

Milwaukee 1-3/4" SDS Max Rotary Hammer has a powerful 15A Motor capable of delivering 8.1 ft-lbs of impact energy for the most demanding applications. The AUTOSTOP™ E-Clutch prevents over-rotation of the tool in case of tool lock up giving you a more controlled experience while using the corded rotary hammer drill. The variable speed dial allows you to set the optimal speed per application while two modes, rotary hammer and hammer only, allow you to easily switch between drilling large holes or do chipping applications. When chipping, a lock-on button allows you to chip without constantly pulling the trigger. Built-in Advanced AVS (Anti-Vibration System) minimizes the vibration you feel while using the rotary hammer drill. Includes: side handle and grease tube.

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DeWalt 1-9/16" SDS Max Combination Hammer Kit

The D25481K 1-9/16" SDS Max Combination Hammer, with its durable and hard hitting German engineered mechanism delivers 6 joules of impact energy for fast drilling, even in the hardest concrete. The light weight design makes it ideally suited for horizontal serial drilling for #4 - #8 rebar, coring and chipping in any mid to upper wall and ceiling application. The Active Vibration Control® technology employed delivers reduced user vibration for less user fatigue and greater productivity.  Includes:  1-9/16" SDS Max Combination Hammer, 360 side handle, and Kit Box.

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DeWalt 1-3/4” SDS MAX Combination Rotary Hammer Kit

Delivers 10.5 Joules of impact energy for fast drilling and chipping, even in the hardest concrete. Constant-speed electronics allow the tool to maintain speed under load, while the patented E-CLUTCH® system helps protect the user in bind-up situations by stopping the rotation of the bit. The midweight design makes it ideally suited for high-performance, horizontal serial drilling for #5 - #8 rebar, dry coring up to 4 in., chipping in any upper to lower wall, and bushing applications. The SHOCKS Active Vibration Control® system reduces vibration felt by the user at the handles, compared to rotary hammers without this feature. This tool comes Tag Ready™, so users and companies can attach the DEWALT Tag™ and track its location virtually anywhere via the Tool Connect™ app.

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DeWalt 2" SDS MAX Rotary Hammer

Durable and hard hitting German engineered mechanism, delivers category leading 19.4 Joules of impact energy. Constant speed electronics allows the tool to maintain speed under load, even in the hardest concrete, while the patented E-Clutch ® system protects the user in bind up situations by stopping the rotation of the bit. This tool is ideally suited for horizontal and downward drilling for #7 - #14 rebar applications, core drilling up to 6" and chipping in any mid-to-lower wall and floor applications. Active Vibration Control® technology also reduces vibration felt by the user for less fatigue and greater productivity. Includes: kit box.

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Bosch 1 5/8" SDS Max Rotary Hammer-Variable Speed

Delivers from 6.8 to 8.1 lbs. of impact energy in rotary mode with a powerful 13.0 amp motor. SDS-Max® tool holder has an automatic locking mechanism making the insertion of bits fast, easy and secure. Features Bosch's Turbo™ Power mode that when engaged, increases hitting power by 20% for chiseling. Vibration dampening handle has a patented switch that locks on in the chisel mode. Service Reminder Light indicates the need for service 8 hours in advance of tool shutdown. Includes 360º handle and carrying case.

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Bosch 1-9/16" SDS-max® Combination Hammer

SDS-max Bit System for tool-free bit changes with automatic bit locking, dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer rate. Impact energy of 6.1 ft. lbs provides maximum productivity in all day drilling and chiseling applications.  Combination Dual Mode Selector Knob allows selection between hammer drilling and chiseling only.  Vario-Lock Positioning rotates and locks chisel into 12 different positions to optimize working angle.  Variable Speed Dial for controlled drilling and chiseling applications. Includes:  1-9/16" SDS-max Combination Hammer, auxiliary handle and carrying case.

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Bosch 1 3/4" SDS Max Rotary Hammer

Features 2 operating modes: Rotary Hammer Mode for drilling concrete. Set the automatic “Turbo Power” switch on in the Hammer Only mode, and hitting power increases by 20% for fast, powerful chipping. Vario-Lock enables the operator to rotate and lock the chisel in 12 different positions to optimize working angle. Variable speed control dial for accurate bit starting and minimal breakout when through hole drilling. Service minder light indicates need for service 8 hours in advance of automatic predetermined tool shutdown. Padded, shock absorbing handles are comfortable to hold, improve grip and reduce operator fatigue. Heat shield over barrel for cooler gripping surface. Includes 360° auxiliary handle, depth gauge and carrying case. This tool replaces Bosch’s previous model 11235EVS.

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Bosch 1-7/8” SDS-max® Rotary Hammer

1-7/8” SDS-max® rotary hammer provides nearly the same drilling / chiseling performance as the current 2” hammer. The RH850VC also provides a triple play for active vibration reduction, longer air cushion, tuned mass damper and decoupled main handle providing industry leading low vibration levels along with the best in class performance in drilling and chiseling applications.

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Bosch 2" SDS-max® Rotary Hammer

Features Turbo™ Power, which gives the tool a torque and speed boost in hammer mode. It also provides 14.1 ft.-lbs. of impact energy for top-rated power. At under 27 lbs., it has outstanding performance-to-weight ratio in a 2” hammer. It features Vibration Control™ for additional operator control while mitigating vibration in the hammer mechanism and in the handle. This hammer provides Constant Response™ circuitry for smooth starts, precise hole placement and constant speed under load. Vario-Lock™ positioning permits rotating and locking the chisel with precision and the SDS-max® bit system provides toolless bit changes. Includes: carrying case.

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Makita 1 3/4" AVT® SDS MAX Rotary Hammer

Powerful 13.5 AMP motor delivers 9.2 ft-lb. of impact energy to handle the most demanding applications.  Constant speed control automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load to complete the most challenging jobs.  Anti-Vibration Technology is an internal counterbalance system that greatly reduces vibration and directs more impact energy to the work surface for increased user comfort and greater productivity.  Variable speed control dial enables user to match the speed to the application for greater versatility and torque limiting clutch engineered to prevent gear damage by automatically disengaging gears if the bit binds. Includes: side handle, D-handle, depth gauge, and hammer bit grease.

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Makita 2" SDS MAX Advanced AVT® Rotary Hammer

Powerful 15 AMP motor delivers 14 ft.lbs of impact energy to handle the most demanding applications.  Advanced AVT® includes a vibration absorbing housing with a spring loaded back handle and housing which moves independently of the motor and hammer mechanism effectively isolating more vibration away from the user.  Advanced AVT® includes an integrated damper spring at the base of the impact bolt engineered to absorb impact vibrations from the drill bit.  Constant speed control automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load to complete the most challenging jobs.  Soft start suppresses start-up reaction for more precision and better accuracy. 2-mode operation for "Chipping Only" or "Hammering with Rotation".  24 bit angle settings allow the bit to be set at different positions for operating convenience.  Includes: depth rod, hammer bit grease, cloth wiping oil, d-handle, straight handle, straight handle assembly, and accessory case.

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