SDS-Plus® Accessories Selection Guide

Use SDS-Plus Drill Bits with:

Bosch® DeWalt Hilti® Hitachi® Makita® Metabo® Milwaukee®
11207 DW514 TE1 VR16 HR2420 6010 5362-1
11210 DW523 TE6 VRT22A HR1821 6011 5368-1
11211 DW557 TE5 DH22VB HR2511 6015 5366-1
11212 DW563 TE10 DH22VD HR2400 6024 5303-20
11213 DW566 TE12 DH24PE HR2000 6025 5320-20
11221VSR DW567 TE12S DH24UBK 8015DW 6028 5363-21
11222EVS DW568 TE14 DH24UBK HR2010 6021 5383-21
HR2410 BHE20
11224VSR DW004 TE15 DH25VK BHE24 KHE24
11225VSR DW999 TE16 KHE28
11228VSR DW570 TE17 KHE32
11234VSR D25303 TE18 BHE-D24
11236VS TE22 KHE-D28
11239VS TE24
11250VSR TE25


SDS-Plus® Carbide Bits

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SDS Bit 4 Cutter

Other sizes are available.

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SDS Bits for Condrive™ and Tapper™ Systems

SDS shank bits for use with Tapcon Condrive and Rawl Tapper™ systems for fastening concrete screws. Hex drive on bit fits both brands of screws. Use with SDS 1000 Extension to install all lengths of concrete screws.

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Bosch Right Angle SDS-plus® Attachment

Unique accessory pivots 360 degrees to convert your Bulldog into a right angle rotary hammer.  90 degree angled attachment for Bosch SDS-plus® hammers alows for drilling in concrete in hard to reach places.  Includes a 50mm SDS-plus collar which fits all newer Bosch SDS-plus hammers including: 11253VSR, 11255VSR, RH228VC, RH328VC, RHH181 and the 11536VSR.


*Does not fit Bosch models 11250VSR, RH328VSR, RH328VCQ, RH432VCQ

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Chuck with Integral SDS Shank

1/2" capacity chuck with integral SDS shank. Use for straight shank hammer drill bits and Tapcon style fasteners. Can be used in hammer mode. Fits all SDS hammers.

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SDS Hammer Steel

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SDS Plus Stop Bits

Stop bits ensure proper drilling depth for drop-in anchors. This is especially important when drilling into post tension slabs. The 1.25" shoulder keeps user from over drilling. Available in the most common drop-in anchor sizes with labels that clearly call out which size bit to use with which size drop-in anchor. Fits all SDS+ Hammers.

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SDS-plus® Rebar Cutters

Bosch SDS-plus® Rebar Cutters extend the life of your concrete drill bits  Switching bits when you hit rebar. After the rebar is cut switch back to a traditional concrete drill bit.  Note:  Make sure to switch tool to drill mode from hammer mode.

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