Milwaukee Heavy Duty Shears

Cuts up to 16 gauge steel accurately and quickly with no burrs. Adjustable lower shear blade; no shims required. Clear unobstructed visibility for precise pattern cutting. Cut close curves left or right. Both models are double insulated and have an AC-DC toggle switch.

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Milwaukee Swivel Head Shear

Powerful 6.8 Amp Milwaukee built motor. Cuts round, square, and irregular holes in 18 gauge steel. 360º swivel head. Trigger control variable speed. Cuts up to 15' per minute.

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Kett Variable Speed Profile Scissor Shears

Profile Shear with right hand blades.  Cuts profile and flat materials up to 18 gauge, spiral duct, wire mesh and many other materials.   These snips are extremely light and maneuverable at 5 pounds, and can cut tight curves at a radius of three inches.  The blades are made of high quality steel, heat treated and precision ground.  The motor is variable speed up to 2,500 RPM and cuts up to 28 feet per minute.

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Kett Double Cut Sheers

Variable-speed, double-cut shears feed quickly and quietly, without warping or bending your finished piece (distortion is in the waste strip). It easily follows a scribed line. The materials edges are not hardened or burred, so you get maximum use of a sheet. The swiping action of blades seals the edge of coated metals. These shears cut C.R. mild steel up to 18 gauge in straight or contour lines at over 300 inches per minute, most grades of stainless, aluminum to .080 and plastic or Formica up to 3/32" thick.

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Kett 18 gauge shear head

Complete 18 gauge shear head - used on KD-200

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Kett Cement Board Shears

This durable, lightweight shear is designed to make quick work of cement boards up to 1/2" thick.  No airborne dust for minimal clean up.  Variable cutting speeds up to 2,500 RPM will match your pace.  Reliable, long-lasting A-2 tool steel blades far outlast any other cutting method.

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