Lyon® High-Strength Industrial Shelving

These high quality Lyon Metal products are sold by components allowing you to custom design your own storage system. Each shelf has a 750 lb. load capacity. The basic components of the Lyon Shelving System are T-posts, shelves, and clips. The T-Post is the basic structural member of Lyon shelving. It is made of cold-rolled formed steel. Punching allows shelves to adjust on 1 1/2" centers. Flanged shelves are constructed of 18 gauge cold-rolled steel. Corners are lapped and spot welded. Punched to accommodate all accessories. Shelf slips fit quickly into the T-post. Double rows of slots on the upright permit insertion of clip on either side at same level. Shelf locks firmly in place between the shelving upright and shelf clip-without tools.

Our sales department will provide assistance in evaluating, designing and determining all the components needed for your shelving requirements.

Lyon Shelving Systems available - Let one of our Lyon Storage Specialists design your space.