Ames True Temper® Ergo Plus Snow Shovel

Features ergonomic handle design to minimize bending and stooping. Extra wide grip D-handle for maximum comfort with gloved hands.

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62" Alpine Sleigh Shovel

Alpine Sleigh Shovel with Poly Scoop. Scoop has steel wear strip and steel handle. Handle is 56" and coated with a gray baked enamel finish. Blade size 23 1/2" x 27 3/4".

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Snow Roof Rake

Use this snow roof rake to help prevent water or structural damge to roofs from heavy snow accumulation. Strong and durable with lightweight aluminum and temperature resistant plastic. Long reach handle extends to 16', making it easier and safer to get snow off roof. Non-slip handle. Blade size: 24" Use Extension Handle 11-6564 to extend the length of the Snow Roof Rake in 5' increments.

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Snow Tarp

Eliminates the need for traditional labor intensive process of snow removal and plowing. Lay snow tarps on building slab or roadway to collect snow and simply lift to remove with heavy equipment such as a loader or crane. Capacity is rated at 4,000 lbs. lifted 200 times. 

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