Oatey 50/50 Solid Wire Solder

Plumbing solder repairs copper pipe, hot water tanks, sheet metal and tin plate. Use paste or liquid flux. 1 lb. bulk roll. Grade: 50/50.

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Nokorode® Flux

Regular paste flux will not freeze or decompose. No odor. Lead free. Recommended for use on all solder alloys including 95/5 and all lead free solders. Meets specifications O-F-506, Type 1A and A-A-51145, and MIL-F-4995-2.   1 lb. container

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95/5 Lead Free Wire Solder

Alloy of 95% tin and 5% antimony. Meets lead free specifications for potable water lines. Stronger than 50/50 solder. Can be used on refrigeration lines. Melting point: 464° F. 16 oz. roll. Grade: 95/5.

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La-Co® Regular Flux Paste

For use with 40/60, 50/50, 60/40 and 95/5 solders. Contains no zinc chloride or other heavy metal chloride. Non-acid, non-toxic, lead-free. Super detergent action cleans as it solders. For use on copper, galvanized iron, sheet lead, zinc, nickel, tin, silver, mild steel, terne plate, and malleable iron.

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La-Co® Stainless Steel Flux Liquid

Contains no zinc chloride or other heavy metal chlorides. Use with all types of soft solders. No neutralizing necessary on stainless steel. Will not cause progressive corrosion on stainless steel. Ideal for stainless gutters and roofs; may also be used on copper, galvanized iron, chrome, steel, lead and brass. Do not use on stainless steel water tubing. 32 oz. bottle.

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Acid Brushes

Heavy duty 1/2" bristle brush. 6 1/16" long. 144 brushes per box.

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