All of our Specialty Cutters and Grinders have vacuum ports that allow attachment to vacuums for dustless cutting and grinding. See Vacuum Cleaners in the cleaning section or pages 826-836 in the Colony catalog for our complete line of high quality vacuum systems. It is important to note that these systems work best when using strong, industrial grade vacuums (i.e Attix, Wap/Alto, Bosch, Fein). Using these tools will not only help prevent silicosis of the lungs, but will keep the work area clean and dust free as well as prolong the life of your electric power tools by keeping abrasive dust from damaging the motor and bearings


Bosch 5” Tuckpoint Grinder

5” High-torque tuckpoint grinder with a dust guard is designed specifically for tuckpointing. Equipped with epoxy-coated field windings and four stages of dust seals in the gear housing, as well as direct-motor cooling for maximum durability. It has metal flange mounting collar, a side handle and constant-electronic monitoring motor. The TG502 dust guard helps users move toward compliance with OSHA silica dust regulations. The guard includes a spring-loaded mechanism that provides maximum dust collection during plunge cuts into mortar. It also includes a variable depth adjustment to help maintain the desired cutting depth for maximum productivity in extended applications. Includes: TG502 Tuckingpoint Guard, backing flange, lock nut, spanner wrench, and side handle.

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DeWalt 4-1/2”/5” Surface Grinding Dust Shroud Kit

Complete concrete and masonry surface grinding applications with the 4-1/2” – 5” surface grinding dust shroud. Powered with a 13 Amp motor, this tool features the Anti-Rotation E-CLUTCH® System to help protect the user in bind-up situations by shutting down the tool. Perform flush edge grinding while collecting dust with the 5” surface grinding dust shroud. Includes: 5” shroud, diamond turbo wheel, universal connector, and bail handle.

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DeWalt 5”/6” Brushless Small Angle Grinder, Slide with Tuckpointing Shroud

This 5”/6” Brushless Small Angle Grinder, Slide with Tuckpointing Shroud has our powerful brushless motor, meaning you never have to service it for brush replacements. The brake stops the wheel quickly when the motor shuts off. PERFORM & PROTECT™ features include Kickback Brake and E-CLUTCH®, which are designed to activate in bind-ups or stalls. POWER-LOSS RESET® - The ON/OFF trigger switch has a no-volt release function. In the event of a power outage or other unexpected shut down, the trigger switch will need to be cycled (turned off and then on) to restart tool. Variable speed functionality lets the user change wheel speed for applications as needed.   Kit Includes: grinder, side handle, hex key, inner and outer flange, 6” tuckpoint shroud, air lock connector, kit bag and 5” sandwich blade.

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Milwaukee 7" Universal Surface Grinding Dust Shroud

Milwaukee® Universal Grinder Dust Shrouds work universally across most professional brands, while competitors shrouds are proprietary to their own grinders. The Milwaukee® shrouds feature a durable and lightweight design with a convenient clear window for easy navigation. The purpose of grinder shrouds is to reduce exposure to dangerous debris, crystalline silica, and dust particles that can cause health issues for users who work with stone and concrete.

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DeWalt 5” Brushless Surfacing Grinder Kit with Kickback Brake

5” Brushless Surfacing Grinder Kit with Kickback Brake is equipped with a brushless motor to eliminate brush replacements, reducing downtime. It also features a brake that stops the wheel quickly. PERFORM & PROTECT™ features on this tool include Kickback Brake and E-CLUTCH® to help enhance user protection without impacting performance. POWER-LOSS RESET® - The ON/OFF trigger switch has a no-volt release function. In the event of a power outage or other unexpected shut down, the trigger switch will need to be cycled (turned off and then on) to restart tool. Variable speed functionality lets the user change wheel speed for applications as needed.  Includes: grinder, bail handle, hex key, inner and outer flange, 5 in. surfacing shroud, side handle, 5” surfacing wheel and 5” T27 guard.

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Bosch 5” Angle Grinder with Tuckpointing Guard

Features a 5” angle grinder and a dust guard designed specifically for tuckpointing. It has directed air flow that diverts dust away from vital components, and it has direct-motor cooling, giving it higher overload capabilities. Two-position Vibration Control side handle and a constant electronics motor for easy starts. The TG502 tuckpointing dust guard allows toolless installation, making it quick and easy to install and remove. The variable depth adjustment allows the guard to collect dust throughout the duration of the cut, and the large viewing window makes it easy to see the line of cut. The grinder and dust guard are part of Bosch PRO+GUARD™ dust solutions, an end-to-end dust-collection system that helps users move toward OSHA Silica Table 1 compliance. Includes: dust guard, backing flange, lock nut, spanner wrench, grinding guard, and vibration control side handle.

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DeWalt 6” High Performance Tuckpoint/Cutting Grinder

High Performance Tuckpoint Grinder with Shroud has E-Clutch® which shuts the grinder off when a wheel pinch or wheel stall occurs, extending the life of the gears and motor. Dust Ejection System™ technology clears dust and debris for extra protection. Power tool shuts off before overheating with Power-Off® Advanced Overload Protection and includes the dust extraction shroud for tuckpoint and cutting applications. Kit includes:  grinder, side handle, inner and outer flange, wrench, 6" Type 27 guard, and 6" Type 1 guard.

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Bosch 5” Concrete Surfacing Grinder with Dust-Collection Shroud

The Bosch CSG15 5” Concrete Surfacing Grinder has a dedicated dust-collection shroud for a cleaner work environment, as well as plenty of power. It delivers 12.5 AMPs and up to 9,300 RPM, for concrete grading, surface preparation and other tough concrete applications. Its dedicated dust guard system is a comprehensive solution for collecting dust that allows grinding flush against walls. The system helps to provide a longer operational life, including a sealed motor and a sealed switch. It also has double-sealed ball bearings and two lip-sealing rings to protect against dust contamination. With Constant Response™ circuitry, this grinder's motor can handle extended operational load, which allows the user to reach areas where walk-behind unit can't touch. Its spindle lock allows for quick wheel changes, it has a wrap-around auxiliary handle and it includes Service Minder™ brushes. Includes: auxiliary handle, flange kit, spanner wrench, 5” diamond cup wheel, surface guard with vacuum connection and carrying case. Designed to be used with Bosch's Model VAC140A Wet/Dry Vacuum system, and Bosch Diamond Cup Wheels.

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Diamond Cup Wheels for Bosch Concrete Surfacing Grinder

High quality diamond cup wheels are designed specifically to fit the Bosch CSG15 Surfacing Grinder. However with a standard 7/8” arbor (when
used with flange nut) it will fit and work well with other brands of grinders. Maximum rpm: 12,200.

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Bosch 5” Tuck Pointer Grinder

Bosch Power Tools deliver stronger performance and lasting reliability. Perfectly suited for the professional tuck pointer. Designed specifically for removing brick mortar. Powerful 8.5 Amp 11,000 RPM motor. Specially designed guard system for Guidepoint applications with dust extraction meets and exceeds UL®, OSHA and NIOSH standards.  Includes: Tuckpointing guard, inner flange, outer flange, auxiliary handle, spanner wrench, hex key wrench, 5" tuckpointing wheel, and vacuum adapter.

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Metabo 7" Angle Grinder Surface Prep Kit

Metabo safety switch prevents unintentional start-up. Tool-free adjustable guard; twist-proof. Metabo VibraTech (MVT) is an integrated damping system and side handle to reduce vibrations in order to protect the user’s health. Side handle can be mounted at three positions. Swiveling main handle offers high safety and better handling when cutting. Auto-stop carbon brushes to protect the motor. Includes: inner support flange, M-Quick flange nut and side handle Metabo VibraTech (MVT).

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Metabo Tuck-Pointing Diamond Cutting System

Quick wheel change system eliminates the need for spanner wrench. Winding protection grid protects motor from harmful debris. Metabo’s safety clutch protects operator from kickback. Dust Director tuck pointing guard accepts 4”, 4-1/2”, 5” and 6” diamond blades. Swivels when approaching inside corner. Not for use with Type 1 or Type 27 bonded abrasives. Includes: side handle, wheel guard, inner flange, and outer nut

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Dust Extraction Guard for Cutting Concrete

Dust Collection guard with large, durable foot plate Single screw depth adjustments  adjusts quickly and remains secure. Completely tool free. Bosch AIRSWEEP™ vacuum compatible without using adaptors.

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Dust Extraction Attachment for Surface Grinding

Dust Collection guard for surface grinding. Removable nose piece for flush surfacing. Replaceable brush ring .Completely tool free. Bosch AIRSWEEP

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Dustie® Dust Collection Shroud for Hand Grinders

Fast and easy to install with Flex-Flange™ (included).  Fits most hand grinders, and offers adjustable height for different grinding/sanding wheels. Captures 99% of airborne dust.  Designed to capture extra fine dust from grinding, sanding, and cutting concrete, masonry, fiberglass and other materials.   Protects workers from harmful Silicosis and Hexavalent Chromium.  Meets EPA regulations for lead paint renovation work.

The Dustless Technologies Dustie meets OSHA guidelines and improves worker health and safety. Designed to be used with the Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum for effective dust control, the Dustie keeps particles from escaping, and the vacuum keeps dust contained. Simply attach the vacuum hose to the Dustie, and you won't have to worry about leaving a film or cleaning up messes. The Dustie's innovative design keeps your work environment clean and safe.  If you use your grinder for tuck pointing, crack chasing, or decorative concrete cutting, you will want to use the optional cover plate. Trim a section off the front edge of the Dustie and snap the cover plate into place. You can choose two different operation angles from the molded cut lines in the Dustie.  Includes:  (1) shroud, (1) Flex-Flange™ banding clamp, (3) washers, and (1) releasable zip tie.

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DustBuddie® Dust Control Shroud for Hand Grinders

Easy to install.  Comes in two sizes: 5" fits 4" to 5" grinders, and 7" fits 6" to 9" grinders. Captures up to 99% of airbourne dust.  Clear polycarbonate offers improved visibility.  Removable front lip for grinding against a wall.  3 spacers and adjustable height setting to accommodate different wheels and discs.  Brush skirt provides support for a smooth, cushioned grinding action.  Meets EPA RRP guidelines for lead paint when attached to a certified HEPA vacuum.  Includes:  (1) clear polycarbonate shroud, (1) 18" flexible hose, (3) height adjustment spacers, and (1) releasable zip tie.

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CutBuddie™ for Dust Collection

For dust collection when mortar raking/ tuck pointing, crack chasing and decorative concrete cutting with a hand grinder.  Captures up to 99% of airborne dust. Clear polycarbonate for improved visibility.  Easy to install, and comes ready to use.  Integrated universal adapter. The cutting depth guide is easy to adjust and is essential when performing high quality work where consistent quality counts. Features swivel hose adaptor for easy handling.  Meets government guidelines (OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA RRP).  Includes:  (1) clear polycarbonate shroud, (1) 18" flexible hose, (3) space spacers for blade centering, (1) arbor extender, and (1) releasable zip tie.

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Arbortech Allsaw Masonry Restoration Kit

The new generation Allsaw’s functionality has been significantly enhanced and it continues to be a safe alternative to the Diamond Grinder.  In accordance with OSHA regulations, the ALLSAW has been tested and proven to be significantly below the crystalline silica standard when operated with the Heavy Duty Dust Boot and a HEPA certified vacuum.  With an improved motor and belt, this is an essential tool for trade applications. Includes General Purpose Blades, Plunge Blades, Headjoint Blades, a Dust Boot, and a Heavy Duty Dust Boot.

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Arbortech Blades

All Arbortech blades have Tungsten Carbide teeth.

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