Tuck Point Blades

Heavy Duty blades designed to rout out mortar joints. Designed for providing a fast and consistent depth of cut. When higher removal speed is required, pick our new staggered segment high performance blade. All Tuck Point Blades are .250" thick and have 7/8" arbors.

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Wafer Tuck Point Blades

Easily removes grout and mortar from between bricks and concrete blocks in less than half the time of a conventional tuck blade. The unique design of Wafer Tuck Point Blades lets the users easily grind away damaged mortar by allowing the grinder to work at a higher speed than what can be achieved with a standard style tuck point blade. Available in two-blade and three-blade designs with 1/4" and 3/8” thicknesses, respectively.

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Crack Chasing “V” Blades

Cleans, routs and repairs cracks in concrete and other materials. Fast cutting and long lasting blade with laser welded diamond segments that leave a clean groove. Designed for use on electric angle grinders.

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Grinding Cup Wheels (Dry)

Ideal for removing flash from concrete when forms are stripped. Good for chamfering, smoothing, and shaping concrete, masonry, and stone surfaces. Comes with a 5/8"-11" threaded arbor for fast and easy attachment. (Also eliminates the need to use a flange nut).

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Diamond Cup Wheels for Bosch Concrete Surfacing Grinder

High quality diamond cup wheels are designed specifically to fit the Bosch CSG15 Surfacing Grinder. However with a standard 7/8” arbor (when
used with flange nut) it will fit and work well with other brands of grinders. Maximum rpm: 12,200.

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Segmented Turbo Cup Wheel Wet/Dry

Choice for the removal of surface overlayments, such as epoxies and mastics.  Cup wheels are designed for quick removal, shaping and smoothing of concrete, masonry and stone aggregates.  5/8"-11 thread.

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Joint Sealant Removal Blade

This exclusive and unique blade cuts stubborn materials that diamond or abrasive blades can’t, such as joint sealant materials, caulking, rubber or wood. Features chunks of carbide placed in a matrix that shreds joint sealant and caulking materials. Used with an angle grinder, it does in minutes what normally takes hours using conventional hand removal methods. Safely “cubes” even the softest sealant materials without burning the material or “gumming up”.

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Colony Combination Blade

Thanks to a new technology in diamond blade design and manufacturing, we now have a blade that can cut just about every construction material including plastic, wood, metal, masonry, stone, concrete, glass, tile and asphalt (see Performance Rating Chart Below). If you are cutting a variety of materials, this blade will not only perform well, but eliminates the need to change blades. The Combination Blade is lighter in weight than carbide blades and lasts more than 40 times longer than abrasive blades. Perfect for general construction, rescue and demolition.


Combination Blade Performance Ratings Chart

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Diamond Ductile Blades

Offers numerous advantages over abrasive style cutoff blades. Specially formulated diamond segments cut ductile pipe faster and cleaner. Electroplated silicone carbide grit on the face of the blade dresses the pipe as you cut, eliminating sharp edges and burrs. Lasts as long as up to 60 abrasive blades saving both time (less blade changes) and money. Designed to be used on gas or electric hand held cutoff saws, as well as stationary electric chop saws.

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Standard Asphalt Cut-off Saw Blades

Designed to be used with either gas powered or electric hand held cut-off saws for cutting asphalt, green concrete or abrasive materials.

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Premium Asphalt Cut-off Saw Blades

Designed to be used with either gas powered or electric hand held cut-off saws for cutting asphalt, green concrete or abrasive materials.

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Metal Cutting Saw Blades Steel Cutting

Modified ATB tooth geometry provides clean, burr-free cuts, and expansion slots dissipate heat, extending blade life. A tri-foil braze boosts the strength of each tooth tip for extreme durability.

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