Inverted Construction Marking Paint

A  upside-down marking paint with a spray-through cap that provides protection against accidental discharge.  20 oz. aerosol can be used for marking at construction sites, locator and utility identification, landscaping or other general marking requirements. 12 cans per case.

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Zynolyte® Speed E-Namel

Zynolyte® Speed E-Namel™ provides excellent adhesion to all metal, wood, and masonry surfaces. Good gloss and hide coverage. Protects metal and wood surfaces from rust and corrosion. Dry to the touch in 15 minutes. 11 oz can.

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Aervoe Clear Coat Sealer

An upside-down clear coating used to seal and protect construction chalk lines and other temporary marks from wind, moisture, and traffic.

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Spot Marker Pistol

A handheld inverted marking paint applicator that features a new ergonomically designed trigger and grip.

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Rust-Oleum Construction Marking PainT

Best resistance to early fading and chalking; dries fast. Marks more linear feet than the leading competitor. Excellent visibility on concrete, pavement, dirt, gravel, grass and more. Easy to apply—no messy tip adjustments, non-clogging, locking spray tip won’t pop off. 17 oz.

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Marking Stick

This 32” long handled marking paint holder/dispenser provides ease of use without bending or stooping. The elongated trigger was ergonomically designed to allow for 1, 2, or all 4 fingers to activate the valve on the paint can and the rubberized grip keeps the handle from slipping in the hand. Large wheel assures smooth accurate lines. Lightweight, portable and easy to use. For use with 20oz. inverted cap marking paint. Includes flag holder and optional flag insert spike.


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Krylon Rust Tough® Spray Paint

Our best quality spray paint for coverage, opacity and durability. This heavy duty acrylic enamel spray paint leaves a tough, high gloss finish which resists chipping and peeling. Provides complete coverage with one coat. Dries to the touch in 25 minutes; dries to handle in 1 hour. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Use on steel, aluminum and properly primed metal and wood. 15 oz. can.

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Krylon® Five Ball Spray Paint

Superior high gloss paint sprays evenly and resists drips and runs. Specifically formulated for industrial maintenance and touch-up applications. Performance is exceptional and dries in 12 minutes or less. Net weight 12 oz per can. 6 cans per case.

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Stencil Ink

Fast-drying, highly opaque coatings to stencil.  Dry to touch in 3 minutes; allows for fast handling and complete coverage in one application.  Will not smear or smudge.  Hot and cold applications.  Waterproof.  Excellent outdoor color retention.  Apply to virtually an porous or non-porous surface; corrugated boxes, cartons, paper, fabrics, wood, plastics, stone, concrete, asphalt, metals, glass, masonry, wood crates, steel coils, fiber or steel drums, and lumber. 16 oz can.

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Krylon® Tough Coat Spray Paint

Specially formulated acrylic alkyd enamel paint suitable for a variety of applications. Fast drying; dries to the touch in just 15 minutes. Tough, protective coating resists chipping and peeling. Provides smooth, even coverage. Use on metal, wood or aluminum. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 12 oz. cans.

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Zynolyte Super Metal Chrome Spray

Super metal spray paint provides the look of brilliant polished chrome on a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, metal and ceramic surfaces. Provides maximum durability and weather resistance. Good for indoor or outdoor use. 11 oz. can. Color: Chrome

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Rebar Green Epoxy Paint

A high performance, single system epoxy coating that is specially designed for touch up and subsequent protection of rebar. Prevents rust and resulting stains when applied to rebar before setting in concrete. Meets ASTM D3963 specifications. Excellent color retention with a tough, durable finish. Prevents oxidation with touch up of sheared ends, cut and other exposed areas. Performs at temperatures up to 300º F. 16 oz. aerosol can.

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