Empire Tradesman Square

Features heavy gauge steel and deep graduations for a longer life. Coated with a baked epoxy to resist rust and corrosion. Graduations read 1/8". Size: 16" x 24".

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Fat Boy Aluminum Square

Empire Fat Boy Aluminum square is 3/16" thick. The heavy gauge aluminum is 50% thicker than standard squares and helps the square resist bending.  Inch graduations and rafter tables are deep stamped in the aluminum. Will not rust or corrode. Graduations in 1/8", 1/10", 1/12", and 1/16".  Size: 24"x 2" body, 16" x 1-1/2" tongue.

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Empire Aluminum Professional Square

Features permanently stamped numbers, rafter tables and graduations on a brushed aluminum finish. Size: 16" x 24".

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Heavy Duty Aluminum Rafter Square

Use for marking and cutting 90º and 45º angles. Has finer marked graduations for more precise measuring. Solid one-piece extrusion, out performs die cast versions. Won’t rust, bend or break.

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Empire Professional Combination Square

Machined zinc head. 12" stainless steel blade with easy reading etched numbers. Full view vial. Hardened scriber for fast and accurate marking. Pencil notch for fast and accurate markings. Self aligning drawbolt for easier reassembly. Graduations read in 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 of an inch.

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Empire T-Bevel

Tough Polycast™ handle with a recessed hand grip. Low profile nut allows the tool to be used on either side for originating or duplicating angles. 8" stainless steel blade can be adjusted at any angle for duplicating.

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Polysteel Try-Square

8" stainless steel blade prevents corrosion, polycast handle includes acrylic vial for level, plumb and 45º work. Has 1/8" graduations, and reads a full 8" on both sides.

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Empire Drywall T-Square

Features a durable, aluminum head, and an extruded aluminum 47 7/8" blade. It is a ruled straight edge, and finds level and plumb, and 90º angles. Head and blade can be used separately through easy and fast disassembly.

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Empire Aluminum Straight Edges

Heavy duty aluminum straight edges. 2" width.

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