Window Cleaning Kit

High-quality glass cleaning set features a selection of ergonomic window cleaning tools, all located inside a convenient nylon carrying case. Kit includes: 4-8" telescoping pole, squeegee handle, squeegee blades, scraper, safety scraper, microfiber washer, microfiber wipes, and carry case.

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Floor Squeegees

Available in straight or curved, these squeegees push or pull liquids off floors, whether smooth or rough. Channels are made of durable aluminum. Soft, resilient, oilresistant Neoprene® rubber slips. Includes steel socket and rubber slip. Handle not included.

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Tapered Wood Handle

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Professional Window Squeegee

8" professional quality window squeegee made of corrosion resistant, bright annealed stainless steel. Streak-free blade.

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Window Squeegee Pole

This heavy duty extension pole fits the Professional Window Squeegee and is adjustable extending from 4' to 8'. Made of gold anodized industrial strength aluminum and is fluted for extra strength, rigidity and a better grip. Has impact and wear resistant nylon couplings.

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