Arrow Plier-Type Stapler

Heavy duty plier stapler for hard-to-reach places, any position or angle. All steel with chrome finish. Cam-leverage action, visual refill window. Removable staple channel for cleaning. Hand guide loop - 2-3/4" throat. Accepts Model P-22 Arrow staples.

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Arrow Heavy-Duty T-50 Staple Gun

Heavy duty staple gun loads 85 Model T-50 Arrow staples at time. Accepts six staple sizes from 1/4" through 9/16". All steel construction, chrome finish.

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Arrow Staples

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Duofast Heavy-Duty Staple Gun

All steel construction, chrome-plated with a comfortable hand grip. Equipped with a handle hold-down device, a hand stop, and a claw attachment on the front nose for stretching material and for holding the tacker in a set position. Ideal for installation of ceiling tile either to wood furring strips or directly to gypsum board ceilings. Accepts Duofast 5000 series staples from 1/4" through 9/16".

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Paslode Cap Stapler

Versatile, switch from staple to caps in a snap.  Consistent drive performance saves time on roofing felt and housewrap.  Easy loading design makes staple and cap loading a snap. High capacity canister hold 240 caps per reel and 90 staples.  Staple range: 3/4" - 1-1/2".

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Duofast Hammer Tacker

Automatic hammer tacker drives staples as fast as the operator swings the tool. Nickel-plated, steel construction, with plastic handle grip. Features Jiffy Jaw for easy cleaning, back end loading, engineered balance for smooth, secure tacking work. Accepts two sizes of 5000 series Duofast staples.

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Arrow Hammer Tacker

Strikes like a hammer; automatically drives a staple with each blow. Widely used for fastening insulation, building papers, roofing felt, batt foil, upholstery, carpet underlayment, etc. All steel construction with chrome finish. Shatter-proof plastic handle. Accepts two full strips of Model T-50 Arrow staples in four sizes: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2". Model HT50A.

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Arrow Electrician's Wire Staple Gun

Specifically designed for safe, fast and efficient low voltage wire fastening. Tapered striking edge gets into close corners. Grooved guide positions wire for proper staple envelopment. Grooved driving blade halts staple at correct height to prevent wire damage. Round corner staple fits snugly around wire. Widely used in telephone, electrical, electronics and communications fields. All steel with chrome finish. For wires up to 1/4" diameter.

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