Specseal® LCI Intumescent Sealant

This commercial grade sealant is versatile, economical, and can be used for wide range of common firestop applications.  Intumescent sealant expands up to 10x. Excellent for use as a smoke seal, and acoustically tested to reduce noise transmission. Contains no solvents that might adversely effect plastic pipes or cable jackets. Single grade may be caulked standard cartridge or bulk loaded, knifed or troweled. Paintable. UL classified and FM approved. Color: Red.

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Specseal® Latex Intumescent Sealant

SpecSeal® Series SSS Sealant is a latex based firestop compound. Effectively seals penetration openings against the spread of fire, smoke, toxic gasses and water. Features two-stage intumescent technology. Aggressively expands  to quickly close off voids left by the burning or melting of combustible materials. Single grade selant has excellent caulking properties, and may be pumped, caulked (standard cartridge or bulk loaded), knifed or troweled.  Has excellent adhesion properties and contains no solvents that could affect platic pipes or cable coatings. UL classified and FM approved. Color: Red.

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BlazeStop Intumescent Firestop

BlazeStop WF300 Caulk is a latex based firestop caulk.  This caulk effectively seals penetration openings in wood frame construction against the spread of fire, smoke and combustion byproducts. WF300 features rapid expansion to seal off voids that are left by the burning combustibles. Adheres to lumber and to gypsum as well as most other building materials. Water based for easy installation, clean-up and disposal. UL classified.

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Specseal® Silicone Firestop Sealant

SIL300 silicone sealant is a one-part silicone sealant for use where sealing opening in walls and floors are needed to control the spread of fire, smoke, toxic gas, and water during fire conditions. Features excellent adhesion, bonds to most building materials. Chemical, UV and Ozone resistant for excellent weathering and long service life. Auto-bonding so fresh sealant can be applied over cured sealant. Suitable for penetrations that involve non-combustible penetrants. UL listed and FM approved. Color: Concrete (limestone).

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Specseal® Elastomeric Firestop Sealant

SpecSeal® Elastomeric Sealant is a non-halogenated latex-based, highly elastomeric caulk designed to provide passive smoke and fire protection in construction joints. This material is also designed to restore sound attenuation properties to sound-rated ceilings and partitions. Engineered to adhere to virtually all construction surfaces and may be applied using standard caulking equipment or by troweling. Dries to form a flexible shield against the propagation of fire. Its premium latex binder system is totally resistant to water and will not re-emulsify after drying. Contains no inorganic fibers, asbestos, or solvents. UL classified and FM approved.

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LC Endothermic Firestop Sealant

SpecSeal® LC Sealant is a latex-based, high solids firestop compound. This material, when properly installed, will effectively seal penetration openings and joints against the spread of fire, smoke, hot gasses and water. It is engineered to adhere well to virtually all construction surfaces and may be applied using a standard caulk gun, a trowel or putty knife. It dries to form a flexible shield against the propagation of fire. Its premium latex binder system is totally resistant to water and will not re-emulsify after drying. SpecSeal® LC Sealant is non-halogenated, contains no asbestos or inorganic fibers.

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Specseal® Elastomeric Firestop Spray

SpecSeal® Elastomeric Spray is designed primarily for the protection of construction joints, curtainwall safing gaps, and certain through-penetrations. SpecSeal® Elastomeric Spray is a latex based coating engineered to adhere to virtually all construction surfaces and may be applied using airless spray equipment or with a brush (for small applications or touch ups). Resistant to water and will not re-emulsify after drying. SpecSeal® Elastomeric Spray contains no inorganic fibers, asbestos, solvents. UL Classified and FM approved.

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Fast Tack™ Firestop Spray

SpecSeal® Fast Tack™ is an elastomeric single component silicone/urethane hybrid spray coating providing passive smoke and fire protection in construction joints.  Can be spray applied with airless spray equipment, brush applied for small applications ans touch ups, or flow applied for self-leveling applications. Great for areas that are subject to movement or areas that are prone to washouts, or exposure to water and moisture. Quick drying, it skins over quickly and is tack free in 2-4 hours. Cures even in below freezing temperatures.  UL classified.  Color:  Limestone.


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Smoke ‘N’ Sound Sealant

SpecSeal® Smoke ‘N’ Sound sealant is designed to be used to stop the passage of smoke, as in smoke barrier walls. Also for reducing the transmission of sound through wall openings.  The single grade acrylic latex sealant may be caulked, knifed or troweled. Safe for use with most plastics, contains no solvents.  Water based for ease of installation, cleanup and disposal.

Smoke ‘N’ Sound spray is formulated to adhere to all common construction surfaces and may be applied using airless spray equipment or with a brush (for small applications and touch ups). Color:White

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FyreFlange™ Firestop Angle

FyreFlange™ consist of galvanized steel retaining angles with a layer of bonded intumescent material designed to be installed around the perimeter of square or rectangular steel ducts. They can easily be indentified from their powder coated red color. FyreFlange can be installed as the duct is installed and inspected just once after the installation is complete, eliminating the need for multiple inspections. Can be installed over or under duct insulation. In the event of fire, it prevents duct collapse and minimizes deflection. With expansion of up to 15 times, when exposed to temperatures in excess of 350°F, it stops the spread of fire and minimizes heat transfer. UL classified. Meets ASTM E 814.

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Specseal® Firestop Putty

SpecSeal® Series SSP Putty is a non-hardening, intumescent compound. It is designed to seal through penetrations against the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses.  SpecSeal® Putty expands up to eight times its original size when exposed to high temperatures or flames. Also reduces sound transmission.  No tools required to install, can be hand packed into openings. Adhesive is aggressive enough to adhere to most building materials.  Putty remains soft and easy to reuse or retrofit. Faced on both sides with a convenient poly liner, SpecSeal® Putty Pads are easily applied with no mess or excessive residue. sized to fit a typical 1-1/2" (38 mm) deep 4S box with no cutting or piecing required. UL classified and FM approved. Color: Red.

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Specseal® Firestopping Collars

STI firestopping collars provide an economical means of firestopping plastic pipe.  Utilizes a quick closure desgin for ease of installation.  This collar's compact design allows it to be used in tight areas. Up to 60x expansion seals off burning pipes. Protects a variety of plastic pipes. UL classified and Fm Approved.

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Specseal® Intumescent Wrap Strips

SpecSeal® Wrap Strips are highly flexible, elastomeric strips designed to firestop combustible penetrations in fire-rated floors, floor/ceilings, and walls.  Comes in convenient 12' rolls to minimize waste. Intumescent material expands rapidly to seal off penetrations quickly.  Temperatures in excess of 250° F cause the wrap strip to expand and continues to expand up to temperatures of 1000 ° F.  BLU Wrap Strip is UL® Classified for plastic pipe applications up to and including 4 hours. Meets the requirements of ASTM E814 and UL1479.  FM approved.

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STI SSM Firestop Mortar

Economical, light-weight portland cement-based firestop product. This non-intumescent material utilizes heat sinking and insulating properties to provide an extremely high level of fire resistance. Mixes with water, forming a non-shrinking mortar that can be poured, pumped, or troweled. Because of its light weight, it dries faster and requires less forming.  Red in color for easy identification. Excellent for a wide range of complex firestopping applications.

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Specseal® Firestop Pillows

SpecSeal® Firestop Pillows are intumescent pillows designed for firestopping openings with multiple penetrants. The firestopping material is sealed in a heat sealed poly bag for ease of installation and strong, durable product. Pillows can be stacked and penetrants easily retrofitted for difficult applications. No special tools required for installation. UL classified and FM approved.

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Deck Adapter Kits

A steel deck kit to facilitate installation of cast in place firestop in a fluted metal deck.

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Extension Tubes

Extension tubes to lengthen the cast in place device for situations where the floor thickness is greater than 8 in.

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Firestop - Cast In Place

SpecSeal Cast-In Firestop Devices install on forms or deck in advance of the concrete pour to form factory-firestopped openings for plumbing and electrical penetrations.The devices install easily and quickly. Simply position the sleeves as required, fasten to the form and pour the concrete. The molded plastic body can be cut to adjust to the depth of the pour and is tough enough to resist the rigors of the concrete finishing process.A variety of accessories permit installation under many common construction conditions including variations in concrete depth and installation over pan decks. The unique chambered intumescent system expands rapidly in the event of fire to provide up to a three hour fire rating. A resilient gasket system seals against the propagation of smoke and provides additional protection against transient water exposure. Deck adapter kits and extension tubes available.

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