Trimmer Line

Nylon replacement line available in various diameters. Thicker diameter line can be used only on heavier duty trimmers. If you are not sure which line is best for your equipment, call us for a recommendation. 1 lb. spools contain approximately 200-400 feet of line, depending on the diameter.

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KB Bristle Brush Attachment

This nylon bristle broom makes quick work of sweeping jobs on walkways and driveways or other paved surfaces. One pass covers an area up to 24” in width. Fits Stihl models FS83R, FS85R, FS90R, FS110R, FS130R. Please note: Must be used with large deflector and extensions. Do not use on grass lawns.

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KB Powersweep™ Attachment

This powerful attachment cleans up caked dirt along roads and sidewalks, moves pebbles and sand in turf as well as water and light snow along hard, flat surfaces. Fits Stihl models FS83R, FS85R, FS90R, FS110R, FS130R.

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