Cord-O-Lite™ Temporary Light Strings

Weather-resistant, suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Includes eyelets for hooks or wire to simplify hanging and rated for 150-watt Type A-23 bulbs. A simple clasp on the non-metallic heavy duty bulb cage secures tightly but opens easily to facilitate bulb changes. In addition, a unique detent “snap-off, snap-on” fitting on the lamp socket enables you to quickly replace the bulb cage if it becomes damaged. Deluxe Cordlight™ is constructed of heavy duty 100' long, 14/2 SJTWA round cord. Cord-O-Lite™ is 100 feet long, and has 10 sockets on 10 ft. centers. UL® listed. Meets OSHA standards. Hardwire installation.

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Premium String Lighting with Corded Ends

These fully jacketed light strings are UL® listed and meet OSHA requirement #1926.401(j)(l). Sockets are rated 150 watts and spaced on 10 foot centers. Features an open metal bulb guard for easy bulb replacement. Molded-on weather and heat resistant lamp sockets and plugs. Heavy duty 12/3 all vinyl cord is weather resistant for outdoor use. “STW-A” is an extra hard service cord, 600 volt, with a thermoplastic constructed jacket. (Suitable for outdoor use.) Ready to use.

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Replacement Bulb Cages Only

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LED String Lights

Light features LEDs on the top and bottom of the module giving full jobsite coverage. These lights are also IP65 and outdoor rated to protect against the ingress of water and dust. Also, Daisy chain up to 10 strings of the 100’ model and 20 strings of the model 50’ for longer lengths.

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