Cord-O-Lite™ Temporary Light Strings

Weather-resistant, suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Includes eyelets for hooks or wire to simplify hanging and rated for 150-watt Type A-23 bulbs. A simple clasp on the non-metallic heavy duty bulb cage secures tightly but opens easily to facilitate bulb changes. In addition, a unique detent “snap-off, snap-on” fitting on the lamp socket enables you to quickly replace the bulb cage if it becomes damaged. Deluxe Cordlight™ is constructed of heavy duty 100' long, 14/2 SJTWA round cord. Cord-O-Lite™ is 100 feet long, and has 10 sockets on 10 ft. centers. UL® listed. Meets OSHA standards. Hardwire installation.

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Premium String Lighting with Corded Ends

These fully jacketed light strings are UL® listed and meet OSHA requirement #1926.401(j)(l). Sockets are rated 150 watts and spaced on 10 foot centers. Features an open metal bulb guard for easy bulb replacement. Molded-on weather and heat resistant lamp sockets and plugs. Heavy duty 12/3 all vinyl cord is weather resistant for outdoor use. “STW-A” is an extra hard service cord, 600 volt, with a thermoplastic constructed jacket. (Suitable for outdoor use.) Ready to use.

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Replacement Bulb Cages Only

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