Snow Tarp

Eliminates the need for traditional labor intensive process of snow removal and plowing. Lay snow tarps on building slab or roadway to collect snow and simply lift to remove with heavy equipment such as a loader or crane. Capacity is rated at 4,000 lbs. lifted 200 times. 

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Blue Economy Poly Tarps

Blue polyethylene tarps are weatherproof, water repellent, mildew proof, vermin-proof, flexible and lightweight. Treated with ultraviolet absorber for UV resistance. Seams are electronically welded, and all edges are hemmed with grommets every 3 feet. Material weight: 2.5 oz. per square yard.

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Green Premium Poly Tarps

Our highest quality non fire-retardant tarp is designed to withstand the most rugged jobsite conditions. Waterproof and tear resistant, these tarps feature seams that are both heat sealed and sewn for extra strength. Rope in hem plus corner patches add additional strength. The material is significantly heavier than typical blue poly tarps: 4.5 oz. per square yard, with a 12 x 14 weave. Rust proof grommets spaced every 18". For quality and longevity, there is no better tarp on the market.

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Water Diverter Tarp

The perfect temporary solution for roof leaks. The Water Diverter is made of an industrial grade vinyl reinforced material, and has a heavy duty garden hose attachment permanently fastened into the center of the product. Heavy duty brass grommets allow the Diverter to be fastened below the ceiling, so water can be diverted through a standard garden hose to a window, drain, sink, or pail.

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