What is a Temporary Power Box?
A portable, weatherproof power station that typically breaks down 125/ 250V power into usable 120V outlets with GFCI protection.

Who could use a Temporary Power Box?
Any contractor with jobsites that have large electrical needs, and/or where the work area is far from the power source. Temporary Power Boxes can also be used in conjunction with large generators.

What are the Economical Benefits?
• Saves on labor costs
• Reduces setup and breakdown times of GFCI receptacles
• Extremely portable-gives the contractor the ability to move power source easily
• Protects power tools from under current burnout
• Complies with OSHA’s Assured Grounding Program
• Reduces costly set up times of extension cords
• Reusable-equipment and accessories can go to the next job

What are the Safety Benefits?
• Offers GFCI as well as open ground and open neutral protection
• Assures the use of GFCI on the entire jobsite
• Cuts down on tripping hazards
• UL® listed for outdoor use, meets OSHA standards

How are Power Distribution Centers set up?
A power cord (usually 6 gauge) is run from a large generator or power pole to one or a series of Distribution Centers. Distribution Centers typically have a 50 amp feed through receptacle that allow two or three Distribution Centers to be run in a series up to 400' from the power source. Other than wiring into the power source, the system does not need to be set up by an electrician.

Power Distribution Carts

These heavy duty 3 phase power distribution carts are designed to breakdown 3 Phase 120/208V power into 280V three phase, 208V single phase and/or 125V single phase power. The power supply input may be a direct wire feed, 100 amp Pin and sleeve, or Cam type device. Can be powered by a large generator or another large power source. This panel may be designed to act as the feeder for smaller type Distribution Centers or wired for powering large equipment. The carts are made of heavy gauge steel and provides an easy means of transportation as well as protection for the enclosure.

Enclosures are built of 16 gauge stainless steel. Since these are built to order, ask your Colony representative for a complete listing of the various configurations available. We can also customize a configuration to your specifications.

All of our Power Distribution Carts and Power Boxes are UL® approved.


GFCI Power Boxes

These high quality portable Power Boxes have been engineered utilizing the latest in GFCI technology, providing the user with the highest level of electrical safety. These power distribution centers are protected by a GFCI module giving the user open neutral and reverse phasing protection. They are UL® listed for outdoor use (UL® 1640 compliant) and designed to stand up to the toughest of jobsite conditions. Each unit has been carefully assembled to provide the ultimate in electrical safety as well as meeting current OSHA standards. GFCI's provide open neutral and reverse phasing protection. "Power On" indicator lights on GFCI's. 220V High Voltage Shut-Off with indicator light. Includes 1 - 50 AMP 125/250 Volt feed through receptacle, 1 - 30 Amp 250 Volt non-GFCI receptacle, and 6 - 20 Amp 125 Volt GFCI individually protected receptacles. Weight: 29 lbs. Dimensions: 14.5” (W) x 21” (L) x 11” (H). Two styles available. Power cord purchased separately. See items 12-3014 (50’) and 12-3016 (100’).

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Power Outlet

50 amp, 125/250V receptacle mounted in weatherproof box with lift cover and 21" leads. Designed to be located at the main pole.

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Power Cords

6/3-8/1 SJO power cords with rubber jackets and 50 amp ends to be used in conjunction with Power Distribution Centers.

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Y Adapter

This Y adapter is used to split a single line into two different directions utilizing the same power source. 6/3-8/1 SO cord with 50 amp 125/250V devices on ends.

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Corded Temporary Power Box

14 Ga. Steel Construction endures for years of use. Heavy-duty, impact & flame-resistant enclosure. GFCI Protection includes open neutral, reverse phasing, & 240V shut-off with indicator light. GFCI meets UL 943 requirements with 4-6 milliamp trip level. Rating: 50-Amp 125/250V 3 Pole 4 Wire, Power Inlet CS6375, Feed-Thru CS6369. cULus Listed, Type 3R Outdoor.

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Mini Distribution Center

Perfect for using in conjunction with portable generators. These compact units break down 125/250V power into two usable circuits (either 20 amp or 30 amp). Eight receptacles. Each circuit has its own breaker, pilot light, and GFCI protection module. Weatherproof protective cover keeps moisture out.

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