Hold Zit® Straps

Compounded rubber straps hold down tarps and equipment. Quick on and off hooks eliminate rope tying. Reinforced ends prevent hooks from pulling out. Made in USA.

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Ratchet Tie Down

Heavy duty assembly used to secure loads on trucks, trailers, and many in-plant securement applications. Long wide handle ratchet. 2" wide yellow high strength polyester webbing. Ultimate strength of assembly is 10,000 pounds. Working load limit is 3,300 lbs. Flat hooks on both ends. 27' long.

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Keeper Ratchet Tie Down

Ratchets hold securely to allow for greater tensioning of loads. Tension released with only two fingers. Soft webbing will not scratch cargo. Has vinyl covered metal hooks. 400 lb. capacity. Size: 1" x 14'.

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Keeper Cambuckle Tie Down

Heavy duty tie down to secure pickup truck and trailer cargo. Press-to-release cam buckle will not slip, is easy to use. Large hooks are vinyl covered to prevent scratching.

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Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down

Heavy duty 1” wide polyester assembly used as a secure tie down in many applications. Ratcheting mechanism has 700 lb working load limit, with an overall capacity of 2100 lbs. Open vinyl coated metal hooks on each end.

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