Colony stocks an excellent variety and inventory of high quality Smith Cutting Tips for fast, economical and quality cutting. Smith’s cutting tips are swaged from high quality copper to assure smoothest possible gas passages and fastest, most efficient cutting.  All Smith cutting tips feature the slip-in design that hand tightens to form a perfect, positive seal, protected recessed heat resistant seats and the extra safety of in-tip mixing.  Many other styles and sizes of tips are available than what is listed below, including tips for other torch manufacturers such as Victor and Harris.  Ask your Colony representative for more details.


Smith SC12 Series

Torch tips for oxy-acetylene.  Six preheat cutting tips for general hand and machine cutting.  Provides excellent preheat characteristics required for machine cutting. USE IN: Cutting Attachments: SILVER STAR (Maximum size #5) and PIPELINER MC400 Series (Maximum Size #4).  Cutting Torches: SILVER STAR, TUF TONY.  Machine Cutting Torches: All SC Series and DG Series Torches

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Victor 101 Series

High quality tips for acetylene for torches manufactured by Victor.

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Harris 6290 Series Tips

High quality tips for acetylene for torches manufactured by Harris.

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