Victor Vanguard™ Torch handle

Covers the full range of welding, cutting and heating needs.  All Vanguard™ handles include built-in flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves.  Equipped with “B” size fittings.

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Victor Cutting Attachment

For use with Victor 300 Series Torch Handles.  Dieforged brass head. Spiral mixer blends oxygen and fuel.  Smooth push type cutting valve. All tubes made of stainless steel.  Brass coupling nut and double “O” ring tapered seal gives quick gas-tight seal without a tightening wrench.  Uses 101 Series tips.

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Victor ST2600 Cutting Torch

Cutting capacity of 1/8" to 8".  Universal gas mixer gives top performance with any fuel gas.  Oxygen lever is made of stainless steel for extra durability and operator comfort.  Torch handle is ribbed brass for a sure grip.  Includes built-in patented flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves for added safety.  Use our Series 101 cutting tips.

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Smith High Volume Torch Handle

Rugged torch handle for high volume heating tips and general purpose welding, brazing and cutting.  Rugged silver brazed construction, forged brass butt, solid brass seat, and fluted easy grip handle.  Needle valves are ball type for easy, accurate flame control; guards against uneven valve wear.  Has teflon packing for excellent flow control.  Replaceable inlet connections fit “B” size hose nuts, 9/16"-18 right or left hand.  Covered by Smith’s LIFETIME Warranty & Service Agreement.  Cuts up to 8", welds up to 1".

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Smith Gas Axe™ Extra Heavy Duty Demolition Torches

Ideal for scrap and demolition cutting.  Designed for heavy-duty severe applications.  Works with all gases, Oxy/Acetylene, propane, natural gas or MAPP® gas.  Extra high capacity cuts to 24” with Acetylene, and 20” with propane.  Any cutting tip used with the SC series or DG series torches will work on this unit.  Manganese bronze head reduces heat warping and damage.  Unique 3-tube stainless steel construction keeps gases separate, eliminating mixing tube burnout.  Reversible, ergonomic cutting lever (top or bottom mount).  Slip-in cutting tips with Graf-Tite® seat material maintains positive seating (no wrenches necessary).  Ease on cutting oxygen, replaceable hose connections.   1 year limited warranty.  For Oxy/Acetylene cutting use SC12 and SC56 series cutting tips.

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Smith Heavy Duty Dual Guard™ 90° Cutting Attachment

This heavy duty cutting attachment is designed to be used with the WH200 (12-4076) torch handle.  This torch cuts up to 8” of thick steel.  Made of solid silver brazed construction. Features “O” ring seating and easy-to-change slip-in Graf-Tite™ cutting tips with cost saving seats.  For use with any industrial equal pressure fuel gases – acetylene, propane, natural gas, propylene, hydrogen, MAPP® and many others.

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Smith Heavy Duty Dual Guard™ Cutting Torches

Dual Guard™ heavy duty torches are built for the toughest jobs.  They feature an easy to use reversible cutting lever, top or bottom mount, and an ease-on oxygen for smooth starts.  Special features include a 3 tube “in-tip” mix design which keeps gases separated until reaching the tip and “O” ring seating with easy-to-change slip-in Graf-Tite™ cutting tips with cost saving seats.  Also, all Dual Guard™ torches offer a built-in head flashback arrestor.  These torches are designed with a heavy wall manganese bronze head for extra durability and resistance to heat warping.  The DG series listed below all cut up to 12” of thick steel. For use with any industrial equal pressure fuel gases – acetylene, propane, natural gas, propylene, hydrogen, MAPP® and many others.  All Dual Guard torches are covered by Smith’s “LIFETIME” warranty.

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Miller Gas Axe Straight Cutting 90° Torch

Gas Axe™ extra-heavy-duty torches are ideal for scrap and demolition cutting. Safety engineered; designed for severe applications. Excellent for use with propane or natural gas but works well with all gases including propane/propylene-based fuels, natural gas and acetylene. Extra-high-capacity cuts up to 24 inches with acetylene. Cuts up to 20 inches with propane. Works with all SC Series cutting tips.

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