Stihl Trimmer Accessories Metal Blades for Brushcutting

Among the world’s highest quality line of trimmers. All models feature aircooled 2 cycle engines and electronic ignition for quicker, easier starting. Anti-vibration system reduces operator fatigue. Colony is an authorized service center for all Stihl products.


Sthil FS-40 CE Trimmer

This lightweight, yet powerful trimmer featuring Easy2Start™ technology, a low exhaust emission engine and lightweight curved shaft. Multi-function control handle allows easy access to all of the controls on one comfortable handle makes it easy to complete tasks so the operator's hand never has to leave the handle. Ergonomic loop handle to be easily adjusted to the desired position without tools.  Anti-vibration system reduces operator fatigue.


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Stihl FS 91 Brushcutter/Trimmer

Featuring the STIHL 28.4 cc "Pro" engine and a flex cable drive. High performance clutch minimizes slippage under extreme conditions. Start/run/stop controls are located on handle for convenience. The cable drive shaft is fully lined. Features easy to access, dual stage air filters. High performance clutch minimizes slippage under extreme conditions. The FS90 Trimmer comes with a bicycle style handle, while the FS90R Trimmer comes with a loop style handle. Two line AUTOCUT® head standard on both models.

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Stihl 56RCE Trimmer

The FS 56 RC-E trimmer features a high-performance, fuel-efficient engine that runs clean and smooth.  Features our Easy2Start™ technology, making starting nearly effortless and straight-shaft grass trimmer keeps the weeds at bay, thanks to its AutoCut® cutting head.

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Stihl KM131 R KombiMotor

The KM 130 R KombiMotor offers the best power and performance to get the job done. This professional machine combines functionality with efficiency to deliver one custom grounds care system. Low-emission engine and longer running times.

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