Ridgid Tubing and Conduit Cutters

Makes clean, square cuts on copper, brass, aluminum, and thin wall conduit. Features a fold-away reamer. Sold with Heavy Duty wheels.

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Midget Tubing Cutters

These tubing cutters are specifically designed for use in extra close quarters on small size hard and soft copper, aluminum, brass and plastic tubing. Two rollers opposite cutter wheel permit easier rotation and faster cutting. Slide and wheel housing are strong and light weight. Large, knurled feed screw knob gives easy control of cutting pressure for clean cuts.

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Ridgid Tubing Cutters

Features an enclosed feed screw to eliminate clogging and jamming, grooved rolls for close-to-flare cuts, and a fold-away reamer. Made from high-strength aluminum alloy with a spare cutter wheel in the handle. Cuts copper, brass, and aluminum tubing, and thin-wall conduit.

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Ridgid Stainless Steel Tubing Cutters

These tubing cutters have been designed for optimized performance on Stainless Steel tube. A contoured frame allows for easy alignment while adjusting the cutter to make a cut.  Specially designed Stainless Steel cutter wheel in 13-0056 contains bearings in the hub, to decrease drag around the tube for a smoother cut.

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Ridgid Quick Acting Tubing Cutters

Push the cutter handle to snug the cutter wheel against tubing, press the release nut to automatically snap cutter open. Models 151-154 feature a quick-acting design, I-beam construction, hardened wear surfaces, and thrust bearing slide assemblies for smooth operation. These cutters are available in models for plastic pipe or metallic tubing. Models 151 and 152 feature fold-away reamers.

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Ridgid Tubing Cutter Wheels

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