Lenox® Locking Tradesman Utility Knife

A multi-use locking utility knife folds to close for safety and compactness. This tool is a utility knife and also offers such features as a bottle opener, screwdriver, pipe reamer and wire stripper. The ergonomic rubberized grip offers superior comfort. Quick blade release makes it fast and easy to change blades. Uses standard utility knife blades, but for the longest lasting blade use Lenox® gold titanium edge blades Item 11-5437 (100pk) or Item 11-5433 (5pk).

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Milwaukee Self-Retracting Safety Knife

Two blade positions allow you to choose the cutting depth of the blade to minimize damage from over-cutting. Tool-free blade changes let you make adjustments quickly and efficiently, with on-board storage for up to 5 blades. The slim, lightweight, all-metal body takes up less space but stands up to jobsite abuse. Length: 6.52".

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STANLEY® Heavy-Duty Utility Blades with Dispenser

Engineered for general-purpose cutting.  Precision-honed edge for consistent and long cutting life.  Fits most standard utility knives.

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Milwaukee FASTBACK™ Folding Utility Knife w/ Blade Storage

This press and flip open utility knife offers you tool-free blade changes for fast blade swaps with a metal extension over the button to prevent accidental blade removal. The FASTBACK™ Folding Utility Knife has onboard blade storage, allowing you to store 5 extra blades and has a wire stripper for increased productivity. The utility knife has a durable wire belt clip reduces pocket tearing and a blade holder designed for scoring.

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Lenox™ Quick Change Retractable Utility Knife

New one-piece, extremely durable stainless steel, titanium-coated nose eliminates spreading and resists wear. Easy quick blade release allows rotation or blade change without tools. Three position retractable blade. Ergonomic diecast body. Comes with three Lenox® gold blades.

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Lutz Retractable Utility Knife

Heavy duty, industrial quality utility knife. Safety nose-top and bottom overlap for additional security. Comfortable grip. Three cutting positions. With 3 heavy duty utility knife blades. Bright safety orange color. Made in USA.

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Stanley Fat Max Safety Knife

Blade retracts when contact with cutting surface is lost; even if thumb is holding the slider button forward.  Quick blade change button can be pressed from both sides of the knife.  Accepts any stand utility blade.  Blade storage in the handle; comes with five induction hardened blades.  Lanyard hang hole for easy tethering, transportation and storage.

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DeWalt Retractable Utility Knife

Offers quick blade change with the press of a button and blade storage provides easy access to new blades. The multi-material handle allows for a comfortable, sturdy grip.

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Stanley Retractable Utility Knife

Lightweight, durable utility knife with three position retractable blade. Furnished with three heavy duty utility blades. Length: 6".

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Stanley Interlock™ Retractable Utility Knife

Interlock™ nose secures blade safely between knife halves. Contoured handle design fits the hand. Diagonal ribs provide a positive non-slip grip. Three position retractable blade. Furnished with three heavy duty blades. Length: 5 7/8".

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Stanley Folding Pocket Safety Knife

Self-retracting blade is only exposed when slider button is manually held forward.  Accepts any standard utility blade.  High visibiliy blade change window allows for safer blade change than traditional front loading knives.  Lanyard hang hole for easy tethering, transportation and storage.

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Stanley Quick Change Retractable Utility Knife

Front loading knife with swing-out blade storage magazine; no screwdriver required to change blades. Three position retractable blade. Furnished with three heavy duty utility blades. Length: 6 3/8".

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Stanley™ Self-Retracting Utility Knife

A self-retracting, spring-loaded blades provides the ultimate in safety. Retracts automatically when pressure on slide button is released. Safety orange color for high visibility. Length: 5 7/8”. Uses standard utility knife blades.

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Wiss Auto-Retracting Utility Knife

Blade retracts automatically the moment it loses contact with the material being cut; even if the user is still holding the blade slider forward in the "open" position.  Helps reduce workplace injuries.  Accepts all standard type utility knife blades offering quick and easy blade change.

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Stanley Utility Knife

Non-retractable, fixed blade utility knife with extra blade storage in handle. Furnished with three utility knife blades. Lightweight and economical. Length: 5 1/2".

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Stanley Swivel-Lock™ Utility Knife

Combines the push button Swivel-Lock handle (for quick blade changes without a screwdriver) with the positive blade retention of a fixed blade utility knife. Contoured handle fits the hand, providing comfort and control. Furnished with three heavy duty utility knife blades. Length: 6".

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Lenox® Gold Bi-Metal Utility Knife Blades

This is the only bi-metal blade on the market with a revolutionary titanium edge. The longest lasting utility blade ever. It has three times the life of standard carbon steel blades. Fits all brands of standard utility knives.

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Utility Knife Blades

For use in most standard styles of utility knives.

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