Air Ventilator

Use as an air ventilator, circulator, extractor, blower and fan. Using a 1 HP motor, this compact unit allows both positive and negative airflow at a maximum capacity of 2,041 CFM. Light-weight (35 lbs.) construction with weather resistant, high density polyethylene plastic. Interlocking ribs allow stacking of fans vertically. Allows attachment of ducting up to 125 feet maximum. Dimensions: 19.2 H × 18.7 W× 15.7 D in. Duct opening 12".

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Ducting For Air Ventilator

Lightweight, yet rugged yellow vinyl/polyester flexible ducting designed specifically for use with air ventilators. Available in 12" diameter x 25' sections with belted cuffs at each end. Utilizing a coupler (Item 12-1155), ducting can be combined up to 125 feet maximum.

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