Ventilation & Blower Hose

Used with portable blowers and heaters, ventilation and fume removal equipment. Expanded wire pitch for excellent compressibility and minimum storage. Made of yellow PVC impregnated
polyester with a black wear strip. Temperature range: -20°F to 180°F. Sold in 12" I.D. x 25 ft. lengths.

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Thermaflex® SLP Hose

S-LP-10 non-insulated Class 1 connector is designed for use in all pressure cooling and heating systems. It is used in either supply or return sections: for branch ducts and duct connections to or between mixing units, induction units, control or terminal units, and diffusion devices, including light troffers.  Thermaflex S-LP-10 duct provides economical means for handling misalignment between system components and ducts around obstacles where fabricated and fitted ducts are difficult and costly to install.


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