Tweco® Cable Connectors

• Heat & oil resistant cover
• Zinc plated cover & ball-point cable screws
• Interchangeable with older style Tweco MBP connectors

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Lenco® Cable Connectors

• Cam action design of male half pulls the two halves tightly together
• Connector covers resistant to heat and cold
• Metal parts are heavy duty, precision machined brass
• Installs easily with 1/4" allen wrench
• Sold complete with male & female

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Lenco® Connector Terminals

• For quickly connecting or disconnecting welding cable at the power source
• Used in place of solder-type lugs and secured directly to the studs of the welder
• Male half of cable connector is attached to welding cable and is inserted into the terminal
• Stud hole diameter: 17/32"
• Works with both Lenco® and Tweco® brand cable connectors

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Lenco® Cable Lugs

• Made from precision copper tubing
• Extra long barrel for easy soldering
• Stud holes (17/32" diameter) with plenty of clearance for welding machines
• Flared ends make it easy to insert the cable in the lug

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Tweco® Ground Clamps

• 98% copper alloy jaws
• Fully insulated spring

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Lenco® Ground Clamps

• Features extra-large contact area
• Upper and lower jaws made of high copper alloy
• Both jaws serrated for maximum bite
• Heavy duty spring

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Lenco® Economy Ground Clamps

• Ideal for light duty welding applications
• Bolt and nut with support cable connection

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Tweco® Electrode Holders/Stingers

• 98% Copper body alloy
• Reversible top and bottom insulators
• Fully insulated springs
• Ball point cable connection

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Lenco® Electrode Holders/Stingers

• Features fully insulated upper lever
• Powerful spring holds electrode firmly in place
• Specially designed oval-point screw holds cable firmly in place
• Comfortable design for superior control

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