Internal Alignment Tool

Ideal Fit-Up tool. Can be used on all standard weld neck flanges and great with slip on flanges. Contact points are stainless steel. One piece construction. Note: The internal Fit-up Clamp is an alignment tool. A separate lifting device to support the flange weight is recommended.

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Flange Pins

Quick installing pins work as convenient reference points to level flange for tack and weld-out; no tools needed. Hardened taper pins automatically center on 5/8" to 1 5/8" holes. Acme threads for maximum clamping power and hardened tool steel for long lasting use. Model ST-106 (2 pk).

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Fits all flanges for 5" pipe and larger with bolt holes 3/4 to 1-5/8". Handles loads up to 1,000 lb. Used in combination with the Adjust-A-Fit (21-1680) to bring pipe flanges to exact plumb for tack and weld out.

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Sumner Ultra-Clamp™

Three point precision alignment assures the most accurate fit-up of 1" through 12" pipe. Handles pipe to pipe as well as pipe to fitting. The main body of this tool is made of thick aluminum plate and is lifetime guaranteed. This durable yet lightweight clamp will provide fast, accurate fit-ups every time.

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Qwik Pins

Qwik Pins feature a spring loaded button for fast, accurate alignment of pipe flanges. Automatically centers on 5/8" - 1 5/8" holes. Made of hardened steel for long life. Acme threads provide maximum clamping power.

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A quick, easy, safe clamp for holding pipe in Vee Head Jack Stand. Threads permit positive gripping of pipe to vee head.  Grips pipe 3/4" o 6" pipe or 1" - 6-1/2" tubing.  Rugged steel frame for years of use.  Perfect for securing pipe layout work.  Please note:  Hold-E is a clamping device and should not be used for threading or lifting.

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Sumner Adjust-A-Fit

A trouble free way to line-up fittings, making the job a one-man operation. Fastens directly onto fittings for loads up to 1,000 lb, using gravity to align fittings for loads up to 45°. Setscrew and threaded shaft handle work from either side.

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Sumner Hold-Down Device

Similar in operation to a chain vise for pipe, the Hold-Down Device uses high tensile strength chain to grip material in a vee-jack style pipe stand. Holds pipes, shapes and solids up to 12" in diameter. (Chain Extension Kit available for sizes up to 48"). Prevents material from moving or rolling out of the vee-head. Quick action locking feature allows set up in seconds. Ideal for fitting up flanges, fittings or valves.

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Straight Pipe Welding Vise

Made of durable performance-proven material and designed to resist strain, heat and warpage during tacking. Machined swivel nuts and pins, together with special chain screws, give smooth and trouble-free assembling of the vise onto pipe. Weight: 15.5 lbs.

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Black oxide spindle resists wear and tear while impeding rust.  Drop forged arm provides minimal flex under heavy work loads.  Swivel pad centers on workpiece for a sturdy hold.  Sturdy tommy bar is engineered for durability and comfort.

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Heavy Duty Copper F-Clamps

These clamps are perfect for a wide variety of applications where extreme throat depth is necessary. Features copper plated solid steel spindles designed to resist weld spatter. Perma-Pad® swivels tilt up to 20 degree adapting to angular work pieces and are field replaceable. A rapid acting arm slides into place for quick tightening, and is opened just as easily, making repositioning simple.

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Copper Plated C-Clamps

Drop forged frame C-Clamp with an antispatter, copper plated spindle, swivel pad and cross pin handle. Acme rolled spindle threads provide user with maximum strength and clamping force. Extra deep throat, supplied in high visibility coating.

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An inexpensive tool for marking straight lines around pipe, or for use as a straight edge. Made out of flexible gasket material, with good resistance to heat and cold. Material has a service temperature of up to 350°F. Color: Black

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