Hobart® Stick Welding Rod

Please note: All our Hobart Stick Welding Rods are 14" long unless otherwise noted.



Quick starting, cellulosic mild steel electrode that provides you with outstanding arc stability, penetration and wash-in. It’s ideal for welding in all positions and produces X-ray quality welds with light slag that’s easy to remove. Applications include pipes, plates, construction, shipbuilding, and general purpose fabrication and maintenance welding. Recommended current is DC+.

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Very fluid electrode that’s designed for welding roof decking to support beams with burn-through spot welds. Excellent for rapid downhill welding when joining light gauge materials.

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Versatile, all-position electrode that you can use with either AC or DC (electrode negative or electrode positive) power. Produces a weld bead that’s excellent in both strength and appearance with slag coverage that’s easy to remove. Applications include frames, heavy sheet metal, and machine bases. Recommended current is AC, DC+ and DC-.

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This low hydrogen electrode is most commonly used in fabrication and construction. Weld deposits are of X-ray quality and slag removal is easy. Recommended current is AC or DC+.

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