Rebar Tie Wire

Softest and most pliable annealed tie wire available. Sold in 16 gauge rolls.  Coated for corrosion and scratch resistance. Available individually or in cases of 20 rolls.

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Gold PVC Coated Tie Wire

Premium gold offers a plastic encapsulated annealed wire that helps protect the epoxy coating and minimize corrosion.  Made in the USA.  Tangle free, soft, easy to tie.  Buy American Certified for government funded projects.  Square center; fits easily in reels.

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Black Annealed Tie Wire

Value priced.  Actual specifications, weights; not nominal.  Square center; its easily in reels.

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Klein Tie-Wire Reel

Rugged, light weight reel feeds pre-coiled wire smoothly, easily, and quickly. Saves time and reduces wasted wire. Handles all types of tie-wire and is designed for left or right hand use. Reel is smooth aluminum alloy with wear parts made of steel. Has large, comfortable rewind knob, nylon bushing for smooth, trouble-free operation, and easily removed cover plate that permits quick, convenient reloading. Size: 6-1/4" diameter x 2-25/32" wide. Model 27400.

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Hand Tying Tool

The original tying tool. Fast, economical and easy to use.

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Automatic Tying Tool

Plastic handle with spring return. With 2 1/2" twists per pull, this tool is designed to give maximum pull strength with minimal effort. Bright red plastic handle designed for comfort and visibility.

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#9 Wire

Heavier gauge #9 black steel wire in a 50 lb. (853 FT.) roll for form work or general usage.

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Double Loop Wire Ties

Made of 16 gauge dead-soft annealed tie wire, these loop ties are easy to twist, but hard to break. 5,000 ties per roll.

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Ceiling Tie Wire

12 gauge lengths of wire used for suspended ceilings and electrical fixtures. Length: 12'. Approximately 144 pieces per bundle. Clips sold separately.

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Acoustical Lag Screws

Fastens into wood or steel for installing suspended ceilings and electrical fixtures. Flattened ends and pierced holes. Speed driver makes installation fast and easy and will fit any standard drill with a chuck of 1/4" or greater.

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