For aggressive, fast cutting action. Knot Wire - for most aggressive removal. Stainless Steel Wire - for use on stainless, aluminum and high strength alloys. Crimp - for light cleaning and where wire flexibility is needed. Applications for wire wheels include cleaning prior to welding, rust and paint removal, weld scale and spatter removal, and bevel edge cleaning of pipe.





Brass Wire Wheel

3" coarse wire wheel brush with a 1/4" shank designed for use in an electric drill. Ideal for removing rust, scale or paint. Brass coated hardened steel wire reduces potential wire breakage for long life. Precision balanced to eliminate vibration.

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End Brushes

For use with portable power tools such as drills or die grinders. Excellent for use in cleaning and finishing recessed areas or pipes. Knot Wire provides aggressive cutting action. Circular Flared end brush excellent for side cleaning action. Crimped Wire used where high flexibility is needed. 1/4" shank diameter. It is important to check the RPM rating of the tool to verify it does not exceed the Maximum Safe Free Speed (MSFS) of the brush.

Other sizes of end brushes available. Call for a complete listing.

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Knot Wire Cup Brush

Provides heavy-duty brushing action with some flexibility.  Ideal for demanding cleaning applications on relatively flat surfaces.

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