Wire Cart

Large capacity, excellent for storing, transporting or feeding wire. Can be stored vertically or horizontally. 5 strong reel axles with spring clip retainers plus 2 positions for axle storage allows you to configure for large reels with no loose parts. Strong, yet lightweight tubular steel welded construction with rugged 8" wheels. Built in wire guide for horizontal dispensing. Capacity: Six 2,500' or fifteen 500' spools of wire. Size: 54 1/2" L x 27" W x 26 1/2" H. Max Spool Weight: 500 lbs. Max Spool Width: 24". Model 911.

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Wire Dispenser

All welded steel construction. Base has 2 fixed and 2 swivel locking heavy duty casters. The spool rack consists of 10 spindles and has an adjustable guide loop, and can be turned 360º independent of the base. Spindles are angled to contain reels and act as a brake while paying out wire. Fits through a 36" door opening. Size: 59" (H) 31 1/2" (W) 36 1/4" (L). Maximum spool width 14.18". Ten 2,500' spools up to 18" in diameter. Weight: 196 lbs. Model 910.

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Wire Dispenser

All steel welded frame with 6 reel spindles and feeding eye. Angled spindles keep reels in place without locks and help brake the reel while paying out. Mobile, 2 fixed wheels and one that swivels and locks allows easy movement and control. Capacity: Six 2,500' spools up to 18" in diameter. Dimensions: 39" L x 30" W x 31" H. Weight: 88 lbs. Model 909.

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BX Cable Dispenser

Dispense BX, armored cable, flexible conduit, greenfield, or romex fast and easy without twists or tangles. Base with adjustable tension control rotates to dispense the cable without overpulling. Large pulling eye rotates freely and can be used as a carrying handle when the dispenser is empty. Capacity: One 250' coil of 14/2, 14/3, 12/2, or 12/3 armored cable or romex. Size: 13 1/2" high, 26" diameter. Weight: 31 lbs.

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Cable Reel Transporter

All steel welded frame with heavy duty wheels. Unique design provides easy setup for cable payout. Handle folds to save space when using as a dispenser. Capacity: Reels of cable or BX up to 20" wide and 40" in diameter. Maximum total reel weight: 300 lbs. Weighs 110 lbs. Model 916.

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Armored Cable Dispenser

Sturdy steel construction for rugged use.  Includes cable guide to prevent tangles.  Adjustable spring to prevent overfeeding.  Weight: 25 lbs. Made in the USA.

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