Drill Extensions

Where longer reach is required, these drill extensions will accept Spade™ 1/4" shank bits. Quick change chuck.

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Wood Spade Bits

Flat boring bits (also called “Paddle Bits”) made of high carbon steel for hard-wood, softwood, plywood, drywall, plastic and formica. Hole in top center of bit for wire pulling. Hex Shank fits all drills and 1/4" Quick-change holders. Also prevents spinning in drill chuck or in bit extensions. For use in 1/4" or larger power drills. Hex shank fits all drills and 1/4" Quick-change holders. Also prevents spinning in drill chuck or in bit extensions.

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Daredevil™ Spade Bits

Daredevil™ spade bits are designed for speed, ease of use and hole quality. Aggressive cutting edges and full cone threaded tip provides the speed needed to drill faster and it pulls the bit through the material with less effort and vibration than other spade bits. Cutting spurs on the edge of the bit score the outer edge of the hole before the cutting edge removes the material. Contoured paddle for fast chip removal. All 6" spade bits have 1/4" hex shank.

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Spade Bit Kit

Contains 6 popular boring bits. Includes 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" and 1" all in 6" overall lengths. 1/4" Shank Hex.

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Greenlee Self-Feeding Spade Bit Set

Innovative self-feeding design requires less effort and reduces vibration.  Unique tapered design allows existing hole enlargement.  1/4” Quick change hex shank.  Hole in top center of bit for wire pulling

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Ship Auger Bits

High quality bits made of super tough, heat treated steel to cut through nails and provide long life on the job. Self feeding single twist for easy chip removal and fast boring. Designed for use in portable electric drills with 1/2" chucks.

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Bit Extensions

Extend the bit length of Ship Auger bits for deeper boring in wood.

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Greenlee Bit Extensions

These 7/16” hex shank style extensions are designed to extend the length of Greenlee’s Nail Eater II® bits. Also works with hole saw arbors, spade bits, and step bits. Fits drills with 1/2" chucks only.

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Bellhanger Bits

Heavy duty bits for installers of all types of small wire systems-computer, security, phone, cable etc. Extra length for extra reach. Pull the wire back through the hole by simply attaching a line or the wire to the bit.

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Self-Feed Bits

Self-feeding replaceable double end screw point makes these bits fast and easy to use giving you clean smooth holes without pressure. Screw points have a coarse thread at one end and a fine thread at the other to give you a choice of 2 feeding speeds. 7/16" diameter shank has 3 milled flats for use on portable electric or pneumatic drills and stationary boring machines. For extra length, use Bit Extensions below.

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Extensions For Self-Feed Bits

For use with Self-Feed bits, auger bits and hole saws (1" diameter and larger). 7/16" hex shank.

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Switchblade™ Selfeed Wood Boring Bits

Aggressive feed screw design allows the bit to pull through the wood faster; resulting in faster drilling.  Replacement blades made with hardened steel increases bit life.

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Wood Hole Cutters

Drills ten times faster than hole saws. A durable, cost-effective and time-saving solution for repetitive hole cutting. Three hardened steel teeth provide a more solid surface for nail and knot impacts, extending the life of the teeth. Cuts more than 600 holes before resharpening is needed. Use special Hole Cutter arbor (Item 12-1695) and special spade style pilot bit (Item 12-1648).

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Wood Drilling Self Feed Bit

Aggressive spur provides fast material penetration.  Optimized cutting geometry provides longer bit life.  Open tooth design allows for more resharpenings.  7/16" Ball groove shank for quick change applications.

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Forstner Bit Sets

High speed steel bits ideal for boring pocket holes; partial arcs and end grain holes; pilot holes for rabbeting; mortising and grooving. Bores perfectly smooth, flat-bottomed holes. Will not splinter thin wood material. Packaged in wooden box.

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Countersinks For Wood

Produces an 82º countersink in wood or soft steel.

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Vix Bits

For accurately centering drilling holes for hinges, striker plates, door butts, window pulls, and hardware using screws. Each size has a 1/4" shank.

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