Shrinkit™ Film

7-mil LDPE white shrink wrap can be used as a building enclosure, or for wrapping such things as machinery, boats, elevators, escalators, construction equipment, concrete blocks and bricks, furniture, etc. 100% virgin resin material with 12-month UV protection. All you need is Shrink Film and a Heat Gun! Color: White.

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Shrink Wrap-Fire Retardant

Shrink Wrap is our newest product for building enclosures. This 8 mil thick material provides a fire retardant, water-proof, seamless enclosure able to withstand the most severe weather conditions. In addition, no other product on the market will retain heat as well as Shrink Wrap. Installs easily with the Shrinkfast Heat Gun (see Item 15-2045) which shrinks the material by 25-30% creating a skin tight enclosure. The product also gives the jobsite a very neat and clean appearance, as compared to tarps and other products that can dislodge from the structure, and subsequently tear and/or flap with the wind. Meets NFPA 701 standard for flame retardance, as well as City of Boston Fire Marshall specifications for temporary enclosures.

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Shrinkfast Heat Gun

Designed specifically for use with Shrink Film. Propane driven, works off a standard tank. Extremely durable and perfectly balanced. Wide even heat pattern-up to 18" in a single pass. Adjustable power: 134,000 BTU/HR at 15 PSI to 212,000 BTU/HR at 30 PSI. Comes with steel carrying case, 25' hose, and adjustable regulator. Optional extensions available.

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Heat Shrink Adhesive Tape

Ideal for joining Shrink Wrap when additional length or width are needed. Ideal for attaching the film to the load and patching over holes. Can be heat treated. Color: White.

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Shrink Wrap Accessories

These accessories are specifically designed to be used with our Shrink Wrap Films. The Zipper is perfect for creating openings for material, personnel, or vehicles to pass through and still maintain the integrity of your enclosure. Strapping is used to support the Shrink Wrap before, during and after installation to minimize any “bellowing” that can occur, particularly in large openings. The Strap Tensioning Tool and Buckles are also needed to install the Strapping properly. Spray Adhesive is a fast and easy way of tacking two pieces of shrink film together to help during installation or for a quick repair.

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Grip Rite House-Wrap

Grip-Rite weather resistive barriers are made of a durable high density polyethylene woven substrate that possesses very high tensile strength that resists the tearing that results from high wind exposure. Superior UV treatment allows exposure for over six months without deterioration. Grip-Rite House-Wrap are coated on both sides with LDPE. Grip-Rite House-Wrap-E is coated on one side. Suitable for a wide range of climates.  Minimizes air infiltration, allowing exterior walls to have a higher insulation performance.  Permits moisture to escape the stud wall, preventing damage to the interior wall cavity.  Prevents bulk water intrusion, protecting the sheathing and stud wall components. 9’ x 100’.

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