ZipWall® Spring Loaded Poles

• Spring loaded pole provides constant pressure between the floor and ceiling. Also allows the pole to be lifted so the plastic sheeting can be tucked underneath, making a tight barrier top to bottom.

•Teather connects plate to head eliminating the problem of losing it when attaching plastic between head and plate.

• Non-Skid Plate holds the pole firmly in place at the ceiling without leaving any marks.

• ZipWall® Poles can also be use to support crown molding, kitchen cabinets, ceiling sheet rock etc. for installation.

• ZipWall® SLPs™ are sold 2 per box.

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The new ZipDoor™ kit is a great way to create a dust barrier when all you need to seal is the doorway.  One person can install it in under a minute.  Hugh timesaver.  The commerical ZipDoor™ is Flame Retardant.  Two heavy duty zippers are pre-installed. Includes ZipWall double-sided tape that can be easily repositioned  for up to an hour.   Complies with EPA RRP compliance for covered doorway.

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ZipRail™ Dual Seal

The ZipRail™ Dual Seal is ideal for hospital construction, where infection control is a concern.  Perfect for demolition, drywall work and concrete restoration where fine dust can creep over and under plastic sheeting.  Can be used in abatement as well as mold remediation.  Also ideal for floor and fire restoration where quick containment setup maximizes profitability.  Seals the ceiling and floor without tape.  No ladder needed for set up.  Span 4' of ceiling and floor without tape.  Maximum height of 10' 3'.

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ZipWall® Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Kit

Create hands-free, self-closing access to your worksite.  Quick and easy to install, the ZipWall® magnetic door attaches to the barrier material. Powerful self-closing action maintains a tight seal. Durable, reusable, and airtight; specially designed magnetic strips create a continuous seal around the door.  Tough nylon fabric is flame retardant and features a clear plastic window and can be used with negative or positive air.  Easily handles high traffic.  ZipWall® Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Kit contains one flame retardant door panel, four 3’8” and two 2’1” magnetic strips, one header bar with clips for 10’, 12’, and 20’ ZipWall® spring-loaded poles, and a carry bag. Poles not included.  Door panel dimensions: 7'2" x 4'7".  Works with all ZipWall® spring-loaded poles. Dimensions: 5" x 3.5" x 45". Liner.  Thickness: 1.3 mil.  250 Box.

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Floor Adaptor for ZipPole™ 10' Steel Poles

Replace the existing foot on you ZipPole with the floor adaptor and you can use a Foam Rail™ crossbar on both ends creating a dust tight seal at the ceiling and the floor.  No tape is needed.

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Snap a T-Clip™ on to the FoamRail™ and then snap the FoamRail™ to any ZipWall® pole or SideClamp™ wall mount to form a tight seal at the ceiling, floor or wall.  FoamRail™ Tapeless Seal 2-Pack contains two 4’ aluminum FoamRail™ tapeless seals and two T-Clip™ attachments. Does not include poles or wall mounts.  Dimensions: 51" x 4" x 2"

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Holds poles securely in place on slick surfaces such as linoleum, marble, etc. Comes 2 to a pack.

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NonSkid Plates

Comes two to a package. This replacement part has a new, non-skid surface. Won't wear out or come off.

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Side Clamp™

Clip the Foam Rail™ to this device and attach it to the Zipwall® pole next to the wall. The Foam Rail™ will be pressed firmly against the side wall. Sold two to a box.

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ZipWall Heavy Duty Zippers

Heavy-duty, self-adhesive and includes ZipWall® Zipper Knife. Can be used in freezing temperatures.  Use of Heavy Duty Zipper is recommended when ZipWall barrier will be up for a while or in areas with a lot of traffic.  7" length.  Effective from 0° to 100°.  All cloth construction for durability.

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ZipWall Standard Zippers

Self-adhesive, provides quick and easy access in and out of dust barriers. Sold two to a box.

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Rubbermaid Mobile Barrier

Easy to use, easy to see, easy to move, easy to store. For indoor use. Can be set straight, curved or in a circle. 13 ft. long with 16 articulating panels, has two 5" non-marking wheels, and four locking straps to secure barrier in closed position. In addition to being lightweight at 32 pounds, this barrier has a compact footprint of 2' x 13". ANSI approved color and graphics. Shipped assembled.

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Manhole Guard Rail

Strong, 1” tubular .078 gauge steel construction is powder-coated in safety yellow for a durable finish and high visibility. Simple one-piece construction offers easy, no-tools assembly. Rail locks open and two hooking chains provide protected entry and exit. Designed to protect an area 33" x 33", the 42" high Manhole Guard Rail* collapses to only 44" square x 4" for easy storage. For safety, the rail accommodates signs, flags or lights, and for convenience, it can be used with a guard rail tent, umbrellas or winch.  Weight: 34 lbs.  *This assembly is to be used as a 'Temporary Barrier Railing' only. See OSHA 1910.146(c)(5)(ii)(B)

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