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Item P13-9166

KASK Superplasma Vented Hard Hats

The KASK design is widely used throughout Europe.  There are several advantages to this style hard hat.  The KASK hard hat fits like a bicycle helmet and will not fall off once it is secured.  Therefore, in the case of a fall the worker’s head is still protected and it also prevents that hard hat from falling and injuring someone else.  The KASK hard hat offers longevity because the suspension does not need to be replaced every year and the hard hat has a 10-year compliance life.

Maximum ventilation with air intakes. The air intakes and the internal outflow channels guarantee effective breathability. Chin pad with ecoleather chinstrap is washable and comfortable.  Strong nylon external lamp carrying clips that are compatible with headlamps with elastic bands.   Special loop on the chinstrap allows the helmet to be connected to the harness when not in use.  High-tech 3D fabric that dries very quickly.  Provided with integrated slot for earmuffs with bayonet attachment. ANSI Z89.1-2014 / CSA Z94.1-2015

High visibility fluorescent hard hats (the intensity of the luminescence color will decrease in time) are equipped with luminescent lamp carrying clips and adhesive reflecting stickers for high visibility.

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