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Item P10-1182

Bosch Vacuum Hose Y Connector

The Bosch VX450 Vacuum Hose Y Connector is designed to connect two vacuum hoses to the GAS20-17A(H) 300-CFM Dust Extractor. It optimizes the use of the GAS20-17A(H) for maximum productivity, by allowing the use of two 5” angle grinders be connected to it. (Note: OSHA guidelines call for 25 CFM per inch of wheel diameter when using dust extractors with grinders for tuckpointing, cutting or surface-grinding applications in materials containing silica dust.) The Y Connector locks into the extractor’s hose port for secure fit during use. This durable attachment features a tethered port cap for covering an unused hose port and directing all of the suction power to a single connected hose.

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