Item P12-1523

FirePlug® Mineral Fiber

A cost effective firestopping solution designed especially to fit irregular shaped voids in corrugated metal pan deck. FirePlug® is made from a high temperature mineral fiber product that installs quickly by eliminating the time consuming task of match-fitting the top edge of the drywall or masonry to the metal deck profile. FirePlug® eliminates expensive cutting in the field, and its smooth, flat surface allows consistent control of spray coating and/or caulk sealant thickness. Weight for each: 8 lbs.

Item Description Attributes
12-1523 Size: 3 1?2" x 1 1?2" x 4 1?2" x 48”
Type: 1
Qty. Per Case: 45
12-1525 Size: 4 1?2" x 2” x 5 1?2" x 48”
Type: 2
Qty. Per Case: 25
12-1527 Size: 5” x 3” x 7” x 48”
Type: 3
Qty. Per Case: 14