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Item P10-1583

Bosch SDS-plus® Dust-Collection Attachment

Bosch SDS-plus® Dust-Collection Attachment provides excellent dust collection when drilling with Bosch hammers. This attachment fits most new Bosch SDS-plus® hammers, coupling via a unique side-handle interface. The attachment has a metal telescoping arm for precise retraction and can accommodate up to a 4-3/4-In. drilling depth, and it can be adjusted forward or back with a clamping band to accommodate a variety of bit lengths. The dust port can be hooked up to a 1-3/8-In. vacuum hose nozzle, or it can accommodate 1-1/4" or 2" nozzles when combined with an appropriate optional adapter. Includes: Dust collection attachment, thin wall core bit cap.

Fits 1125VSR and RH328

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